Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Transferred to the Capital City, Positives - Little Ceasars Pizza nearby, Negatives - Too tall for my house, Sharing my fruitloops with a cockroach!

Me and my new Companion, Elder Pineda from Honduras, 
(my 4th companion in a row from Honduras)
drinking warm milk with cinnamon and sugar, a common drink here.  

January 31, 2012
Feliz Cumplianos a ti!! mama!!
Happy Birthday mami!!!

Well yes I'm in my new area, its called Guajitos 1, and its in zone 21 of the capital of Guatemala. so I'm in the City. There's not many people who wear corte here, and i cant say hi to people in kekchiquel, cuz they don't speak it here haha, but its a good area from what i can see so far. The members work hard with the missionaries, which is something that didn't happen in my old area.

To answer all your questions, of coarse my companion helped me to get on the bus and everything, he carried one suitcase, me the other, cuz we gotta stick together, then how changes work is we go to a chapel, and have a meeting, and the president speaks a little, then he calls out all the new companionships, then we leave from there, bus or taxi, to our new areas.

So i got there and had my interview, didn't say too much, just that I'm senior comp, and that I'm responsible for the schedule and everything. My new companion is Elder Pineda, and he's from honduras, of coarse, all my companions are from there haha. The apartment is alright, we do have hot water. well, hot ish. Every house just has a shower head with exposed wires coming out of it that heats the water with electricity as it leaves the head. I have to duck to go up and down the stairs, or into the bathroom. it was super dirty when i got there, I don't think my comp or his old companion knew what a garbage can was, and they didn't even have one, but i collected like 5 bags of garbage, cleaned the place, and bought some garbage cans and now its all good. The only thing is that my comp doesn't know when the garbage is collected, so we gotta find that out so we can get rid of these five bags of garbage.

There are cockroaches in the house, like almost every house in the capital, but the other day while eating my fruitloops, I went to take a bite, and there was a cockroach sitting there in my bowl enjoying my frootloops as well. ewwe. It is a lot hotter than up in the mountains, so I'm just getting use to it.
I do still have spanish ctr rings, sure i miss playing guitar and snowboarding a little, but its just not the time to do those things. My district leader snowboards too, Elder Jaramillo from Nevada, and we were talking about snowboarding this morning haha, being baggy, but he had flown into calgary to go heliskiing up by Golden one time, so we were talking about it. I haven't gotten my birthday box yet.
and don't worry about sending me those ecco shoes, if they aren't water proof, I don't really want them ha.
Also you might have to go pay off my credit card cuz i bout some vitamins the other day at GNC. so those will be on my card. there was also a super cool pair of glasses at the mall type place by our house that i really like and i might buy. I'm using my glasses a lot more often now, because I'm reading and studying a lot.

One of the best new parts of my area is that there is a Little Caesars in it! can you believe it? a Little Caesars here in Guatemala, I sent a picture of when I went there the other day.

We have an investigator here that we wanted to baptize this Sunday, he wants to be baptized too, but he  is just having a super hard time quiting smoking, so we are trying to be creative with what we can do to help. Today in district meeting we got some advice that apparently works that we are going to try. buy a liter of milk, and crush a cigarette and stir it into the milk, then get him to drink it all, then the next time he puts a cigarette to his lips he'll want to throw up. who knows, maybe it will work, we have tried everything else, so well give it a shot with this.  Me and Elder Tanner in the office were talking at the change meeting, joking about how he gets to email you, and we were joking that he was gonna make up an excuse to call you just to talk, haha. obviously just joking, don't be expecting a call.

i assume Parker, Peter, nor Tyler have gotten their mission calls yet, I'm excited to find out where their going. Each week I come to the computer with that excitement. let me know when they get them.

I sent out a few letters to my boys the other day too.
(I told him I had a dream he was in charge of the cats in Guatemala and in my dream I asked him how teaching the cats was going, he said it left a lot of be desired on both ends)
also the cats here are doing great, loving the gospel, but i said it once, and I'll say it again, it leaves a lot to be desired, on both our ends.
Also, my companion has been out for 7 months. yeah he does look white ha ha. and we do have a washing lady, and cook. Awesome. Cleaning the house wasn't that bad, i feel like I take after you in that aspect.
love you tons! eat lots of cake and drink dr pepper for your birthday for me!

Well i hope you have a Splendid Birthday, and that you are still getting better.
love you all tons and tons.
Love Elder Hopkins
So excited to have a Little Ceasars near me!!

A fountain from my old area in the Mountains

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