Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Little Guatemalan kids love to be in Photos and the Guatemalan people love to decorate their streets for all sorts of events!  
(Just look at these little guys, they are SO cute!!)

This is how Elder Hopkins responds to facebook.  (I sometimes send him the funny pictures his friends post)  He sent this especially for Lincoln and Parker!

I found all the Waldo's!
(I was surprised to see in the background that he put up some of the vinyl phrases that I sent him!)

January 17, 2012, 

No email today.  I logged into Elder Hopkins Account to see if he received our emails.. He received and read all his emails.. He started to write us back by attaching some photos and had these pictures saved in his draft box.  He didn't send them.  In fact he started to describe the pictures but his phrase ended mid sentence not finishing a word.  He sent no email. (I then forwarded them to myself)  I'm thinking perhaps there was a power outage and everything shut off on him.  I hope that is all it was.  Its very strange indeed.

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