Saturday, January 21, 2012

Miracles Do Happen!

Future Missionary!
 Having some fun while doing some service

January 19, 2012
Tanner wrote two days later than usual:
Hey family,
sorry about that, the internet in the place we were writing the other day crashed, so i wasn't able to send the email. i knew you were going to worry ha ha, but don't worry, I'm always okay. Yeah Elder Tanner from the office phones me this morning and told me i can write again today, so here i am. but i'll just paste what i wrote to you guys the other day, cuz i saved it on a memory stick i have, and I'll write a bit more, and send more pictures ha.
so here is what i wrote the other day:
Hey fam.

We still aren't sure about those kids, we fasted as well. The bishop went to visit them the other day and shared D and C 68 with them, haha, thats what I wanted to do but i felt it wasn't the time yet for me to do it. Apparently the father will tell us for sure his answer this week, we just haven't been able to find him yet as he has started working.

the reason you didn't see me write my president is because we do it on a different website now, its a new program that the church has come out with, so i dont write it through my email.

thats strange about the shoes, yeah maybe it is some exclusive thing, cuz i know they're waterproof dress shoes that ecco makes,but i donno.

Thats cool about Tims call, and super exciting that PARKER and Peter both have their papers in, I will be looking forward to internet time to find out where they're going!

thats awesome about angel Moroni! take a picture from the house to send me next week! i cant wait till i can go to that temple.

Also there will be a small package coming to you soon,basically just filled with cards i have received, and want to keep, but that i don't want to have to carry in my suitcases everywhere. there are also a few small goodies for you guys.

But yeah,the work is slowly moving as we are trying to excite members to get involved in the work,without the members, the work goes nowhere. support the missionaries there in our ward all that you can, and find investigators for them! contacting isn't as fun as it might seem! and doesn't have as many results.

I love you guys and ill type to ya next week! also ill know if I'm being transfered or not next week, i think that i am, well see.

Also attached should be a journal entry i wrote,so i don't have to re write my experiences.
also i wrote madison a card in return to hers that has a funny experience included that i dono if I've told you guys about.

From Guatemala, with love,
Elder Hopkins

(I didn't attach his journal entry, but this is what it was about!)

But what happened that night after i wrote was a miracle. An answer to fasting and prayer.
we went to the familia “M” to see these kids that we were going to baptize, we talked a little about families, and how they can be together forever if we do certain things .... and then i said ¨will you allow your kids to be baptized?¨ and the dad was like yeah, what date were you planning on doing it? YEAAAAAA!!! i was so so happy, i almost started to cry, cuz it was a pure answer to our fast and prayers. it was so amazing. then when we left the appointment we were jumping up and down and shouting in the streets. The baptisms are planned for februray 5th, the only thing is i probably wont be here for it, but as long as they get baptized I'm happy. also something you should know is that our area, and another area in our district are kinda tough, and there hasn't been a lot of success lately, so they told us if there aren't any baptisms in the next 3 months, they were going to close one of the areas. But both areas are going to have baptisms now. whooo!

Also i wanted to ask if you can send me all like the newspaper articles about the Calgary temple when stuff turns up in the paper, that would be cool.

talk to you guys soon!!
on tuesday this time! ha and ill be able to tell you for sure if I'm going or staying. the only thing we know for certain right now is one of us is going.
love ya all!
Elder Hopkins

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