Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Living next to the Guatemala City Airport, The Miracles of Fasting

Here is  me going down into a ravine to knock on some poor houses with poor quality doors as you can see.

February 7, 2012
hey fam
Thats exciting about peters call, yay for spanish!
So this man that was having problems smoking has a date for this saturday. what we did, was we bought milk, then we crushed a cigarette into it and had him drink it. he said it actually didn't taste that bad haha, but hes like 70 years old so maybe he cant taste very well anymore, we also had a very excellent lesson on fasting, and we fasted for him last sunday, he hasn't smoked for a week now, and he already considers the church ¨his church¨.

This week our phone has been broken, so we don't have a phone. what we've had to do is go to the pay phones every night to call our leaders to let them know that we are back home safe and sound. Its been annoying cuz we cant really call our investigators that easily in the mornings to confirm appointments, but i think we might be getting a new phone today ha.

That sucks about how calgary efy isnt cool anymore, it was so cool in my days, but thats probably the reason it isn't anymroe, cuz it was ¨too cool¨ maybe the fireworks in the dorms didn't help out the situation, whoops. sorry fellow calgarians.

I have no clue about my birthday box yet, but I'm not worrying, there is like a month till my birthday. and i did get the christmas card from the Lonsdales, tell them thankyou very much!

Yes, i am actually IN Guatemala city, very very close to the airport in fact, planes fly buy like every 10 minutes very very low and close to me, and I can see them land on the other side of the ravine. haha, fun noises.

The fleas did find me again this week, but I was able to quickly get rid of them by spraying my bed with bugspray, the smell reminded me of camping.

my ward yes, is a ward, about 180 come every week. There are two wards that attend my chapel, each ward has two sets of missionaries, so we are very close to lots of others, unlike my last areas.

I do have an inside sink, and i have no problems with chaffing. my luggage is doing fine, and I'll try to remember to send pictures of my house next week.

last night i was looking at the full moon too, we are never too far away.

well thats all for this week, love ya guys!
from guatemala, con amor,
Elder Hopkins
And here is a little green chicken that they sell in the markets here, they paint them for fun I guess. and this chick dies like 2 days later I think, its at a members.

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