Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Frustrating week & getting cold here in the mountains

It's getting cold here so I bundled up while studying
January 10, 2012
Hey family

Another week has come and gone and i find myself at the computer again.
This week had some disappointed moments, as of right now, the inactive member parents of these kids are not giving them permission to be baptized. it sucks, cuz they all want to, and the kids are being the examples to the parents as of right now in their life. the parents say they aren't ready yet, but i think the parents are scared cuz the parents aren't completing all of the commandments right now, such as working on sundays. They have a pacaits aka a used clothing store that they run in their house, and they want their kids to work for them on sundays, so they don't want them to be baptized i think. uggghh frustrating.

we had an interesting experience as we left moroni 8 to our catholic investigator. when we got to his house he had built a little shrine, with an altar, with baptismal scriptures from the bible written on pieces of paper all pinned to his wall. with incense burning and lots of smoke. he then reads us a passage from the bible that basically says that God can give one knowledge. then he explained how he felt horrible while reading this scripture, cuz he was baptized as a baby. (i would too if i read that my baptism was an abomination) but we bore simple testimony, and he agreed to continue to read the Book of Mormon, and we have an appointment with him on wednesday again.

also thats so awesome that they're putting moroni up on the temple. You gotta send me pictures of that next week.
also sorry that the spelling on this email is so bad, but this keyboard sucks and i have to push really hard for each letter,so some letters are missing. also the space key sucks! (I fixed it all!)

Love you all so much!
Keep it classy, keep it safe.
From Guatemala, With Love,
Elder Hopkins

a little girl that always comes to the restaurant we eat at to buy tortillas

I gave her a toy

some cat i picked up by its head

i bought some really expensive cheesecake at mcdonalds that wasn't that good

there was some restaurant with a canadian flag so i decided to take a picture of it.and no this is not the grill at sunshine village ski resort
and the toms flag you sent me, it said to take a picture of it and send it to www.toms.com/flags so i took this picture and you should send it there haha

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