Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Saying Goodbye to Itzapa and A Special Family

and 3 months with the same companion
This is a special family Elder Hopkins has been working with for the past 6 weeks or so.  The parents have been less active members and they have agreed to let their children of age be baptized.  They came out to church themselves for the first time this past sunday.  Many in our family have fasted and prayed for this family and Miracles really do happen.  It's too bad Elder Hopkins will be transferred just a week before their baptisms but he is just happy that the kids will be baptized and the parents reactivated as he has witnessed their growth through his many discussions with them.

January 24, 2012

Hey family.
So yes I am getting transfered tomorrow, I don't know where I'm going, or who is going to be my companion. I am not training, but i do have an interview at 9 in the morning tomorrow, so i gotta leave the house to catch the bus with my suitcase and all my belongings at 6 in the morning. The interview just means I'm going up to senior companion most probably.

So the one boy didn't get baptized this past sunday, he will wait till his siblings join him next week, but the whole family, including the parents came to church on sunday, which was awesome. The dad said they were going to start coming every week and they didn't even open their paca ( used clothes store in their house) this sunday, so that was awesome. I wont be here for their baptisms but I'm glad that they are going to be baptized. Maybe you will get to meet that little boy one day cuz all the kids were saying that they want me to come back and visit one day.

I'm glad you are feeling better from your surgery. I hope you get better real quick. by the end of this next change you will be able to lift heavy stuff ha,, so thats good.

I'm not gonna write tons today cuz i just wrote on thursday, and also i have a blister on the tip of my finger so it hurts to type. i was melting caramel yesterday in the microwave to pour over popcorn, but then it burnt, and was boiling, so i decided to touch it for some reason, and of coarse the burning caramel stuck to my finger so that was pretty dumb haha. but I'll send a bunch of pictures and tell you what they are.

Well i love you all tons! thanks for everything. again, feel better mom!

from Guatemala, with love,
Elder Tanner Hopkins
 A family we have been teaching

The family whom we eat with every Sunday at their house

 Goofing around with our district
BBQ Ward Activity

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