Tuesday, January 3, 2012

LOCO GUATEMALA! Anything goes!

January 3, 2012
 Opening my Gifts Christmas Morning!
 Talking to us on the phone Christmas Day!
Matching Christmas PJ's I sent them
Hey Familyy
I'll try to send all those pictures, just downloading them now, hopefully there will be enough time.
But yeah my new years was alright i guess. I've kinda hated these holidays too though cuz they've been impeding our investigators from coming to church. The people who live below us, the owners of our house, had a dinner party, so they invited us to come down and eat with them, we ate some turkey and it was pretty good. We went to bed at 10 30 like normal, then at 12 the fireworks and firecrakers started to go off. all i could think was SHUT UP I'M SLEEPING. and there was also a little parade at like 5 in the morning, people carrying around a big virgin Mary, playing instruments, and lighting fireworks. I'll just say I was tired the next day.

So Guatemala is crazy, the other day we were talking to a member, when a truck full of people drove by, and like a 9 year old kid was driving. We were like what the heckkk. but the funny thing was, about 5 minutes later we saw the same truck coming, with only the little kid in it driving, driving super fast over all the speed bumps. Some mom probably decided that her little boy could just drop her and her family off on the other side of town. Theres always like 12 year olds driving motorcycles too. and also there are always familys driving around on motorcycles, with like a 1 or 2 year old, sitting on the gastank, holding on to the handle bars, without anyone holding onto them. loco!

Also this week has been great cuz i haven't really had to buy much food, besides lunch. From the Moment I wake up until we leave to work after studies, I have been eating my Christmas Candy!! and when i get home at night... MORE CANDY!! until i go to bed. its been bad, but its also been soo good.

An old investigator that we were teaching, you might remember, the guy i offered to lend a pair of shoes to come to church, he died the other day. i don't know how yet, just this guy always drives around town in a truck with big speakers announcing people that have died. He's the second person that we have taught in this area that has died. uh oh. i hope they choose to accept the gospel in the spirit world.

Something else funny. i went to photo copy some pictures that i had, including one of Ricky, and the strange old lady at the store thought that ricky was just so so cute, so she copies a big picture of him, printed it out, and hung it up in her store. So theres a big picture of ricky in some store in guatemala. I'm proud of you pup!

Also Thats cool that David Archeleta is choosing to go on a mission. i hope he gets called to my mission, and i hope i get to train him. You sent me the christmas cd of the motab with him, and I've just been loving it. I've listened to it so many times. Especially theres a song called los pastores a belen, that i have been singing constantly too, cuz its a spanish song, and super awesome. umm yeah, thats all i have to say on that.

Awesome that dad went skiing. sounds fun. ha. you guys are looking good from the photos that you've sent me.

We are planning to baptize some kids on the 22 of january i believe. its not a set date, for sure for sure thing yet, but were pretty sure it will happen. they're great kids, their parents are baptized, but inactive. we found them while contacting. the kids have been coming to church and love it. the parents still havent come yet, because their situation is rather difficult and uncomfortable, but yeah, super great people. They are a great familioa.
and thanks for getting those addresses for me! you guys are the best

Well i love you guys tons!
Have a Great week!
From Guatemala with love
Elder Hopkins
We went caroling Christmas Eve over to some Investigators
The investigators we are currently teaching 
 The place that we eat lunch at everyday starting giving us little bee chocolates every time we go there, cause we are such good customers!
Eating So many Tamales and Ponche during Christmas!  EVERYONE makes Tamales during Christmas time, Its the traditional thing to make and Ponche is a traditional hot punch with fruit in it.
 Some pigs drinking milk, can you imagine drinking pig milk? Disgusting!
The Calgary Temple I made out of playdoh before I gave it to a kid

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