Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Years - Feliz Ano Nuevo!

Thanks for the fake Santa stuff!

Constant Fireworks during the holidays

Like my magic fingers kids?  Thanks for the magic tricks mom!

Thanks for the J-Biebs t-shirt Madi!
January 1, 2013 – New Years Day!

feliz año nuevo!!
wow, you wrote it well.. ha.
Well, i hope you had a great new years, mine was alright, i was sleeping, but then i got woken up by all the dang fireworks at midnight but i just wanted to sleep ha. every night we arrive at the house so tired, but thats good, cuz if we weren't tired, we wouldn't be working hard enough.

Sounds like a good Christmas, sounds like Santa has been pretty good to all of you, that means you all must be on the nice list, which is comforting to know.

yeah, i know that band, will be a fun trip to see them in new york. i do enjoy alot of their music too, but tell madi i have no need for a shirt this time, I'm good with the Tswift and Jbeibs shirts that she's sent me haha.

The iphone 5 sounds out of this world, maybe there will be an iphone 6 when i get home that i can get haha. but I'm definitely going to feel like an old Grandpa when i get home with all this knew technology.

Thats cool that Vickie goes into the mtc this week, i thought that she was already in it, i forget what date she was leaving.
This week was alright, it looks like those two kids aren't going to be baptized this week, but while satan has been working with them, the Lord has been working with another, an 18 year old named “A”, we are planning on saturday for the baptsism, altough yesterday he expressed to us cold feet feelings, but we just gotta pray and work, and the Lord will provide the way.
The Family “G, one of my favorite families here, they are so PILAS! are going to be baptized on the 13th, the one boy get home this sunday from vacations, and we will have one week to finish preparing him.

This week is the Perfect week in the mission, and yesterday we had a good start, we had good lessons,
and found really positive investigators, we are very excited about that.

hmmm, what else is new... i got a haircut.. I'm eating Christmas candy and drinking hot chocolate continually, and I'm content.
although i realized that i have so little time in the mission left, like 4 months, i believe the hardest part of the mission, will be coming home.

last night i had a dream that i had emergency changes, and that i had to leave my area, and in my dream i was just bawling cuz i wasn't going to be there for the familia “G” baptisms.

I haven't cried once in the mission for reasons like these, but i think the first time that i really cry in the mission, will be the day that i have to leave.

not that you guys are that bad.... its going to be great to come home to you guys too!! haha,

and nobody told me about dads broken wrist! how did it happen.
I assumed skiing, but now that hes getting older I'm thinking that he just slipped on some ice on the sidewalk.
Let me know next week!
Love ya!
hope your wrist gets batter dad!

(I told him Dad emailed him but for some reason it didn't go through)

ok, yea, I only got the picture, but I like the picture i got sent of it, dads face in it, just the way that i know he would have reacted to the fact that he needs the cast made makes me laugh haha, I bet he said something like woopty doo or something similar.

but send me the email next week, my time is up..
Love you!

well, my time is short, and there are souls to save,
i best be off now.
From Guatemala, with Love,
Elder Hopkins

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