Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Baptism - took 7 tries

this is how people preach here in Guatemala, with big speakers, going around saying and screaming random obvious things about God. they pass by our house all the time.

Baptism of "D" by a member of the ward

My friend Tanner Steed's younger brother is on his mission in Guatemala. Saw him at the conference

January 22, 2013
Hey fammm.

not tooo much is new here in Guate, it was a pretty good week, we Baptised "D".
He's a youth that about 2 and a half weeks ago he told us that he didn't want anything to have to do with the church anymore, he was having some family troubles it seems, but he knows that these things are true, so he came back around, we baptized him on Saturday, we got a young man of the ward to baptize him. It took him 7 tries, poor Diego was shaking, the water was super cold, its been really cold here lately, its just warmed up.  At night i was wearing my big north face fleece, and my missionary mall jacket shell.but the weather is all good now.

sounds like a good Birthday present, yeah, these carvings are super cool, so it'll be something that i can have for the rest of my life too. thank you! I'll just have to figure out how to get it home haha.

so yeah, for the coming home thing, i was thinking that we can just stay a whole week. leave Guatemala on Wednesday. because on the wednesday i get released we wont get to do anything outside, we'll just be with President Brough and his family, which will be awesome, so well have Thursday untill Wednesday. cuz we gotta hit up my old areas, Antigua, and Panajachel. also i wanted to go to Quetzaltenango to the new temple, that will take up a good part of a day. so yeah, we can come home the 22nd, or the morning of the 23rd. that sounds the best to me.

its been good being in a trio, we all enjoy it,the house and the dished get super dirty super quick though haha. but yeah, its good.

The Conference with Elder Christofferson was great, hes quite a funny guy too, and his spanish is PERFECT, he sounds like hes from somewhere down here. gift of tongues.
at the conference i saw Elder Steed. my friend Tanner Steeds little brother. Tanner Steed was actually there when I opened my calling.

we are working with "J G" to be baptized this sunday, hes a little bit skeptical, he has a friend whose been a bad influence on him, but hopefully things will all turn out good.

thats too bad that Lincoln has to wait longer, and also sucky for Vickie, serving in Lethbridge haha, thats where she went to school.

 oh ya, i wants to see if you could make me little stickers like that i have, but with my full name, and home address and email  just to give out to people when I leave, instead of writing it out a thousand times.  thank you!
Well, i think thats it for this week, oh ya, i pooped my pants for the first time this week. ay ay ay.

>From Guatemala, with love,
Elder Hopkins

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