Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

Me and my companion, and the worst Santa Clause I have never seen at a ward Christmas activity, but we brought investigators and they loved it!

My second companion, leaving to go home!
Another friend leaving to go home

A youth from our ward leaving for his mission on Wednesday

December 24, 2012

Hey familyyyyy.

Thats awesome that you got my package, I was hoping to hear that good news. I'm glad you liked your gifts, its an Elder Hopkins Personalized frame, you can put your favorite Elder Hopkins picture in there and it'll look great.
Also did that little Quetzal coin keychains get there for madi and Sam, i hope so.
it was really just some last minute gifts that i got together, cuz i haven't been to Antigua for a while, not until mid january will i go again.

So my Phone number is xxxx-xxxx, an i think the area code for Guatemala is 502, so dial 502-xxxx-xxxx. but you might want to look on the internet to figure that out, i don't remember from the last time you called, maybe you do. so yeah, call me tomorrow at 9 30 MY TIME, i think thats 8 30 your time
they never said that we can do test calls, but if you want to call to see, and just leave a message. i probably wont be home to answer anyways. tonight we are allowed to stay out until 12 45 tonight with members, but i think we're just going to be out till like 10 30, 11 00 ish, just to eat and hang out, and then come back to the house, cuz from our roof we have an awesome view of all the city, to watch all the fireworks from there.

Yea, those sisters were kidnapped, that was the scary thing of the week, and the kidnappers were calling other missionaries and stuff, i actually don't know too too much about it, but we were praying all day about it, all the missionaries in Guatemala, and i think central america too. Yeah that sister was in my district just a little bit ago, I was her district leader, she even gave me a lollipop the day before she was kidnapped. but thank goodness that they are safe now.

But yeah, I'm excited for the call tomorrow too, make a little of Questions that you want to do to me, will make the phone call a little more lively this time ha. 
I do plan on opening my Christmas presents tonight actually.

Were still working with these 2 youth, "D" and "M", their dad doesn't want to give them permission, but we're going to go there today to see what he says, the family "G" in as Pilas as always, we just gotta wait until their one son comes back to Chimaltenango so that they are baptized together, he'll either come the 28th, or the first week on January.

but I'm all good, and I hope you are too this Christmas holiday, Enjoy those Christmas cards, it says Stay classy, but the spanish version of saying it.

i also got a card from Tyler Johnson the other day, actually i got it the day that he entered into the mtc, cool.
Well, well talk tomorrow,

love you all, 
From Guatemala, with Love,
Elder Hopkins

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