Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Semana Perfecta

Baptism of Alex

Hey Familyyyyy

It was a good week. I could even say that it was a perfect week.....

This last week was the Semana Perfecta, or perfect week in the mission, and with the help of the Lord, we were able to reach and surpass all of the goals.

We did baptise A-. It was a good little service, on the Tuesday he expressed doubts to us, and it almost seemed as if he wasn’t going to be baptised, but we kept fighting, and he’s now baptised. And during all this time, D- changed his mind, and also his parents. Last week he told us that he didn’t want anything to do with the church anymore, but it’s looking like on the 19th we're going to baptise him. Also this Sunday at one o’clock, we are going to baptise the whole family G-, that will be 4 baptisms there. We’re doing good for this month, and for this goal. We already have 6 baptisms set for this month, but I’d like to find two more. I’m hoping that well get 8.

We found a really really positive family this week, the family G-, they came to church, and we’ve even started teaching them in the house of a member. They are really young, 23 years, and have 2 baby girls. A really nice couple. He works every second Sunday, so I don’t know if he’ll be able to be baptised this month, but hopefully he will be before I leave this area, which I’m calculating to be on the 20th of February.

Also, before I forget, if you could send me the mission addresses of Tyler Johnson, and Vickie Nelson. I swore I had them somewhere, but I don’t know where, and I have two cards already written for them, I just need to put their addresses on the envelope. Gracias!

Also this 17th of January we have a conference with Elder D. Todd Christofferson, and I might see my friend Tanner Steed’s little brother who is in the south mission.

Oh yes mom, don’t you worry, I’m excited to get back too and start work in the Calgary part of the vineyard.

Also I was thinking, if Christine Lyons is going to be on a mission, who is going to cut my hair? Uh oh.

Also I think me and my companion are going to start to go to the member owned gym early in the morning, I need to get into shape to. Get my beach body back for the good old beaches that don’t exist in Calgary.

Also I think we’re going to go to that Calgary couple’s house in Antigua, where they’re living, for P-day as a zone in a couple of weeks, so that’s kinda cool, it’s not certain yet though, but we’ll see.

For my birthday package, I don’t really need anything, just give me some pisto so I can buy things in Antigua. Ha ha.

Also, I still have no idea about how dad broke his hand, I’d like to know that one of these days.

Also yesterday I ate at Taco Bell, always great. I don’t know if Taco Bell just sucks in Canada, or if the Taco Bell here is just really good, but I love it Ha ha.

Tell everybody that I love them, Ricky too.

Well, there’s not too much new here in Guatemala, all is well.
From Guatemala, with Love,
Elder Hopkins

The people below us just bought a really cute baby boxer

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