Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mission Baptism Miracle - sets a new record, and leaving the hot coast

My two missionary dog companions
Eating cocoa fruit, which is what chocolate is made from, you just eat the meat around the seed, it doesn't take like chocolate just real sweet fruit

The Church in our area
Barnie and Family
October 2, 2012
(I mentioned that a sister in his mission has Dengue Fever right now from a Mosquito bite)
Well, i don't have dengue, luckily, but yes, i get mosquito bites everyday of my life down here, but we won't have to worry about it too much longer, see below!
Hey Family
Thats sounds awesome about the temple, so great that you could visit through it so often this week. I was imagining all the things you said about the temple, I bet its just so beautiful, another little bit and I'll be able to see it.

So theres been tons of confusion on this training thing between us haha.
I was assigned as a trainer, to train only ONE Missionary, for a 12 week program.

buuuuuuttt, things have changed, I am leaving my hijo, and my area, to continue training a different missionary that will also be in his 2nd change of training.

President Brough called me last week to tell me, so I am leaving the hot hot coast in Ceiba Amelia. Despite the heat, mosquitoes, tarantulas, red ants cold showers, extremely hot house... ect.... I am sad to leave this area, I would rather stay for one change more. Its sad to leave an area, converts, and your only child, (missionary I trained from the start) but, I'll have to make due. But i don't have to worry about the mosquitoes or heat anymore haha.

Its sad to leave the family of Barnie as well. But I'm not too worried about him at all, he's really awesome, super pilas, he passed the sacrament this last sunday. it was great to see.
We are going to go to his house one last time today and they said they are going to give us cake haha whooo! the last day in an area, everybody gives you food!

Also, here's the biggest news of this week. Well, you know how we had a goal of 300 baptisms this month, well, WE REACHED 314!!! The most this mission has ever baptized in one month!! A miracle! In our zone here in the coast, we were able to pass the record of baptisms by many, we had the second most in the zone here in Ceiba Amelia.

Also, i don't think you guys know what a ¨Ceiba¨ is, and thats what my area is called. Look it up on google images, its a type of tree that is absolutely GIGANTIC! there are tons of them here in Guatemala. They're super cool.

Well, tomorrow will be the change meeting where I will get my packages, also I'm going to send a package to you guys tomorrow, the one I mentioned like a month and a half ago. It will finally be on its way.

to answer your questions, yes, it has been good with my companion, no problems.
Training... well, as trainer we have to be 100 percent perfect we were told, well, that can be hard at times when I'm tired and stuff but yea, its a little tougher than normal, but its also rewarding.

Well, love ya guys tons
From Guatemala, with love,
Elder Hopkins
My District

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