Wednesday, October 31, 2012

18 months completed!

The tradition of burning pants once 18 months is up
His new suit, the liner is the material of the native dress - the corte

October 30, 2012

Hey FAmmm

Wow, sounds like you guys had an incredible week, the temple is actually finished and dedicated! woooow. i cant wait to enter in 2 years. so cool that dad got to talk to president Tommy Monson, and shake his hand. that would have been cool. thats also cool that Colin Steele will be there as an ordinance worker every tuesday as well. 

I laughed when i saw those pictures of jesse, i hardly recognized him. his beard sure has flourished. i cant wait to see what mine we be like after 2 years of shaving everyday.  incredible i hope.  one of the great blessings of serving a mission.

Well, I'll answer your question, here in Guatemala they don't do anything for halloween, apparently a few places in the capital do, but not many. The big day in the first of November, and what they do is go to the cemetery and fly big kites. I'm in Chimaltenango right now, but close by they have like the biggest kite festival in the world. also in san andres itzapa, where i was last year they have a big festival too. i bet you can find it on you tube. search ¨´Zupango Sacatepequez Kite Festival¨´ im sure you'll find something. its pretty cool.

Well, this area has been a lot more difficult, but i think things are getting better, we had stake conference at 8 on sunday, ad not many of our investigators came, but the members are super animated to work now, so we have been able to put some appointments to go out and visit with them. the people that we had as a goal for the 10th haven't come to church, i don't know whats happening to them, they work a lot, so we're going to have to postpone the date.

The weather here is pretty good its stopping to rain, but november and december are the cold months here, but i have my sweaters and all that good stuff so theres no worries.

I finally got my suit that i ordered a long time ago, its nice. i think i might order another.
also, yes, i did complete 18 months already, soo sad. if i was a girl I would be home, but as a celebration, I got to burn an old pair of my pants, fun.

well, thats about all for this week, know that I'm doing fine, i hope that you are too.

From Guatelama, with love,
Elder Hopkins

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