Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I'm enjoying life, I think I'll stay here

With my new companion, Elder Largaespada
Means "The hills"
October 16, 2012

Hey fam. 

haha, everything I say, whether I'm cold, or I'm hot, you worry! Don't worry about me! I'm good, it's not that cold, its just a little chillier here at night, but recently its has been a little warmer. The blanket I emailed the office for was for my companion, as he didn't have one. I'm nice and toasty warm at night.

My comps first name is Brandon.
Elder Palomera's first name is May, or something like that. He has Japanese ancestors so he has a Chinese first name.  I have it written somewhere.

The people here are harder to teach, the work is a little slower as of right now, but the people are cool. The majority are mayan people, who all wear the native dress. its cool.

The money I spent was just taking money out of my credit card, to order a cool suit from this guy. I'm going to put Corte, its called, the native fabric inside the suit. It'll be coooooool.

Yesterday for pday we had a pday as a zone, and played sports, and i got SUUUNburnt haha. It was fun. We also ate toooons of pizza that the mission paid for as a reward of completing our goal in September. 

Yes, you should include something for my companion at Christmas again, and yes me and my companion are getting along great. here's a picture of us too.

Thats awesome all the missionary work that is being done from the temple open house. what a miracle. awesome. thats cool about your callings, that will be a change, but it'll be a huge blessing.

I do know I lost weight in the coast because I went down in my belt holes. fun. but I'm here in the mountains to get fat. hooray.

So yesterday we were finally able to find this family again, the familia “S”. In fact it was the very first door we knocked on in this area. They were super excited, they're super nice too. They asked for a book of mormon, and said that they're gonna come to church this week. awesome. hopefully a baptism in november. In november we have a goal of baptizing 50 FAMILIES. awesome.

well, I'm about out of time already. Sorry, I'm real rushed today.
love ya guys tons. know that I am fine, and I'm enjoying life. I think I'll stay here. ha
From Guatemala, With Love,
Elder Hopkinsito

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