Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Miracles and Baptism

Baptism of Barnie, his mom and younger brother

found big red ants all over the bathroom wall one night!

September 25, 2012

Hey family

Thats so great to hear the the open house is almost here, its going to be so great to have a temple so close to our house, I'm so excited to go see it in 2 years when I get back, I'm sure it will be finished when it needs to be, we do believe in miracles, God is a living god, and with our faith and works, a miracle will come to pass.

This week was a great week, and I did witness a miracle, the miracle of Forgiveness. Barnie and his mom and his younger brother, were all Baptized on Saturday. Even though he did live a sinful life before, he is now clean of sin, in the path that continues to Gods presence.

It was really great, even though before the baptism there wasn't any priest holders to come to be witnesses, not any worthy ones at least, so we had to make a bunch of calls, and we ended up being late, but after all of that they were baptized. they even had ordered 2 cakes and invited everybody over after to eat some cake.
by the way, there is no baptismal font in the branch, we have to travel to another town to do baptisms, and the branch didn't rent a bus t take us this time, but we just went it the normal bus. it was kinda a gong show, but they are now happy members of the church of Jesus Christ and that is what matters.

well, about what Guatemalans need... jobs, electricity, seats to sit on, food... ummm i donno.
the thing is that there are some that are soo poor that they don't even have milk for their babies, like a family that we are teaching, (we bought them milk yesterday and are going to secretly drop it off) and we sit on little cement blocks on the dirt floor when we teach them. They are a great family, they are going to be baptized, we just need to work on getting them married first, but in situations like that I don't really know what i would give them. but, little toys would make little kids happy, a little bit of jewelery would make a woman happy, but what the people really need is food and shelter, which most have to fight for in order to have it. but I'll keep thinking of ideas to help out the people.

so thats suuuuper funny that Jeremy is Danielle's District leader hahaha. I even joked around about that with some missionaries here when i told them about how they are in the same mission. theres just so much funny stuff to joke about there, and the time is short. but that is hilarious.

oh, i was able to interview that guy that i had to reject a few weeks ago, and he is now ready to be baptized. In fact tonight he will be baptized.

well theres not too much time left,
theres really nothing i need right now, i have two packages waiting in the office still, which ill get hopefully next week.
oh, also, you guys are confused, Their training program lasts 2 changes, so i will still be with the same comp, and i will still be training him. 

but yeah, i love you guys tons,
I'll be praying for the Calgary Temple Miracle as well, as well for each of you.
From Guatemala, with much love,
Elder Hopkins
Having Cake after the Baptism

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