Tuesday, October 9, 2012

From the Hot Hot Coast back to the Cold Cold Mountains!

Cookies sent from Grandma Rhodes

A big icecream I got Saturday between Conference sessions

My house - a lot nicer than the last one but its very cold!

I think all the windows with no window coverings would contribute to why its so cold in his house
And no insulation around the doors

We need to get a shower curtain and rod

October 9, 2012

Hello family,

Sooo yes i did have changes, and guess where I'm at, Chimaltenango. I was in this zone about a year ago, not in the same area, but I have been here tons of times before. Its a great place, its up in the mountains, and its where all the natives live, the real native people who wear native dress, (Corte), and speak dialects such as cachiquel.

My companions name is Elder Largaespada. or in english, Elder Long Sword. and yes, he is from Honduras, big surprise right?  I am training him, but am his 2nd trainer. (training lasts for 2 transfers and he has had one trainer for one term already)  I am still District Leader, just a leader of a different district now.

The weather where I'm at is..... Cold! You'd be surprised that a country like Guatemala could be so cold. its like the climate of a Cold Autunms day. But we have no heat of course. I've been wearing my sweater a lot, and have been wearing sweatpants and sweaters in the house ha.
The terrain is like a city, but poorly paved. mainly the streets are made of blocks. actually most of the streets we walk on are dirt, mud and rock.

The house is a lot better,  its fairly small, but nice. I do have a hot shower, but the air around me is cold, so actually i was warmer having a cold shower in the coast believe it or not ha ha.
yes, i am training my companion in my second change. actually my first child, Elder Palomera is now being finished trained with my old companion Elder Pineda, who I was with for 3 changes.

I think I'll be here with my comp a change more after his training, but well see.

So I think that answers your questions.

but now... how crazy is that about the age limit changes they announced! crazy! id be back home right now haha, but don't worry, not too much longer left, just 2 short years.
This also hinders my plan to achieve eternal marriage.... its looking like all the girls that are my age/slightly younger than me are going to be out in the mission field when i get back.... hmmmm.... back to the drawing board.

Thats funny that you noticed that my ring was on my ring finger... I did have it on my other hand, but then a rash type thing developed on my finger, so  i switched it to the other hand haha. but no, it doesn't mean anything, don't you worry. A lot of the married people here don't even have rings, so its not real like how it is in North America.

Well, happy thanksgiving, I'm jealous, i could go for a thanksgiving feast about now, with pumpkin pie... mmmm yumm. but don't worry, I'm still getting fed great.
oh ya, my cook in this area is the best cook in all of the mission basically. she used to be a chef at some good restaurant in the capital, and now she's here in Chimalt making my food! What a great blessing! I'll gain back the weight that I lost in the hot coast! haha.

I have seen my old comp, and he is a lot skinnier, basically everyone loses weight here, even those that don't need to!

and yeah right, our dog doesn't miss me, I bet that he's forgotten who I even am. I guess we'll see his reaction in 2 years.

hey, in my next package could you send me that super good hot chocolate that we always get from costco i think. awesome. and some moccasin slipper from walmart that they always have, size 10, the fluffy ones.
but don't send them until your next package, they are not things that I really need. just luxuries.

for your question on what to gather for the Guatemalan people.... hmmmm, I'm not too sure. toys would make kids feel good, and the jewelery for the woman would make them feel good im sure, but i dont know if that that stuff will help them progress in life, or if they'll just sell it for the money for food, i don't know. keep thinking mom, do some research or something, i donno ha.

I did get the package from Grandma on wednesday, with the delicious cookies. it was great.
also there is a small package in the mail to you guys, from me.

Well, i think thats all i got for you folks this week,
Keep on doing the things that are pleasing to the Lord.
From Guatemala, With Love,
Elder Hopkinsito

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