Tuesday, November 6, 2012

One of the toughest weeks!

At a Chocolate Shop in Antigua

Our Zone Shirts!

November 6, 2012

Hello Familyyyy

Im glad that you're all doing so good back at home, sounds like calgary sure has changed, but exciting.
Im glad that you finally got the package the mail sistyem from here to canada must not be that bad. Enjoy the pictures, Enjoy the videos, also, the dr pepper  video with the Amen and Amen music was not timed, it was a complete coincidence that it timed up perfectly, i was just listening to music. But you know what they say, everything happens for a reason. Enjoy that belt with the corte i already sent you. you can wear it to church and be like a Guatemalan. You're all going to have to wear them anyways when i give my homecoming talk. haha.

To answer your questions, i don't think I've gained back too much weight from what I lost in the coast, maybe a little. yes i am enjoying my cook, and i still have a laundry lady of coarse. me and my comp are still getting along, don't worry. hah

Congratulations Sammy bammy for Graduating!! that's awesome! you'll have to help me when I'm in university. The hardest thing I do academically is add up all the lessons and contacts and things that I did during the week, I've forgotten everything. but seriously, Felicitaciones!

Ayyy, that will be weird if they change the ward boundaries before I come home, but I wont be going to the home ward anyways, cuz i gotta look for my exaltation. sorry fam. its what i gotta do. Gen. 2:23. I think.haha depressing? Quizas

what else..... well, this week was real tough not going to lie, one of the toughest, but i have faith that this week will be better. This last week included nov.1, the day of the dead. our best investigator, well his wife died like 4 months ago, so he's been really depressed and started drinking, but we had a great lesson with him yesterday and he's not going to drink anymore, and he's going to come to church... i hope!
We went to Atigua for pday, which was fun, went to a cool chocolate museum, and bought some stuff in the market, fun.

Also, if we have any pioneer history in our family I dont know anything about that, but if we do, it would be cool if you could send me some stories of them to read.

Also, i was thinking... i think it might be better if I just come home from the mission alone? and then like a little bit later we can come back? that way we can do more things when we come back, and I wont have to be at dads side while we shop in the market and everything. and we can still go visit all my converts, and ya, then we can have a cool reunion in the airport, instead of it being in front of a bunch of other missionaries and the President, kinda wierd.  And then I can give my homecoming talk on a day thats not mothers day, and not the same day as tyler henrys homecoming talk. we would just have to do testimony sunday another sunday, which is what i heard they do all the time for return missionaries in the States anyways, I donno, see what bish fib says.
But yeah, those are my thoughts for the moment. tell me what you think.

Tell Jesse to have a great mission, and Vickie too, if you see her again haha.
Great work at being great Temple Workers.

Also the President called me last night, I have been called to be a trainer again, so i will stay in this area, my comp will leave, and I'll get a new missionary. fun fun. Love you!

Jose , my old investigator, who was baptized in the coast the week after i left. OH yes, my old Companion Elder Pineda took my place to finish training Elder Palomera haha.

Love you all!
From Guatemala, with gran Amor,
Elder Hopkins

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  1. Thank you for the pictures of my son! I haven't seen any for about seven months! :)
    Elder Pierce's mom