Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Living in the Poorest House in the Mission (I'll say!)

My home - (never judge a book by its cover I say)
Door off of kitchen - leading to sink
Our pila -  sink
We not only wash our dishes here, but sometimes there is no running water, so we fill the sink with water and keep it in case we need to wash up in the morning here using the saved water

One side of the kitchen, microwave, counter, black food cupboard

Other side of kitchen - fridge
Bedroom Study Area

Last Companion's birthday cake
Training his New Companion, Elder Palomera, From Puerto Vallarta  Mexico
In English it means:  Extraordinary Coaches

In the backyard there was a big iguana, that the house owners caught, and cooked and ate it, so i took a picture of it. I've yet to try Iguana meat yet though, some day...

August 28, 2012
Hey Fammmmmm Que Tal Están??

(Tanner's response to hearing that his Grandparents got their mission call to New Delhi, India)
Well, thats some  exciting news this week, INDIA! thats crazy. when i first read it i thought it said INDIANA, but nope, its INDIA! thats going to be such a cool experience, as crazy, maybe even crazier than Guatemala. They have great food there, at least the food they sell in calgary that they call indian food is great food. Grandpa and nanny Tina are going to come back with a great accent ha.

Excited that Parker Landed in Moscow. thats a sweet picture of him in red square, so handsome, nice suit, nice tie, nice smile, thats going to be such a cool mission for him. Crazy language, lots of Delicious Borscht and perogies, yum yummm.
awesome that Vickie's papers are in too, A DONDE VA A IR?? SAAAABERRRRR

I'll do some clarifications, I was trained for 6 weeks, back in those days it was only for one change, and i don't think there was some big set up program. Elder Euteinier did train me for the whole 6 weeks, but now is back in beautiful Las Vegas, hittin the strip maybe. But now the training program is a 2 change, 12 week program. so i will most likely be here until his training is done, for 12 weeks.

My new comps name is Elder Palomera, From Puerto Vallarta Mexico. I think thats where we were at when we went to mexico, to Ixtapa, i think its the big city where we went fishing at, I don't know though, you should check that for me. But yes, training is good, it is a lot more work, I kinda have to teach our companionship studies now, and we have an extra hour every day of it, 2 hours in total, so about 4 hours every morning. some mornings we have to get up at like 5 30 now to get all the studies in. Also I have to be absolutely Perfect for the next 12 weeks it what President said, but that will be easy.... haha.
He does have a Mexican Accent haha , a very different accent from the one here, so at times its been a little tougher to understand him especially with all his mexican grammar and words that aren't used here in Guatemala, and it is a little bit more feminine ha, but its going good. 

Thats a cool sounding fireside you went to, I like what he said about putting it in the Lords hands. So tell me, whats going to happen for the big celebration, is Madison going to sing a taylor swift song in front of the Prophet?

So i have soo many cards to send, i haven't been able to send any for the last month cuz theres no post office, so sorry for the late responses that everyone is going to get, theres like 20 cards there, so what I'm going to do is send you a package of things, with the cards, so that you can mail them out, less cost and worry for me. but we're going to go to Santiago Amatitlan soon, a very tourist area, so I'll wait to send it so i can include some things from there in the package.

you should put a door between my room and madisons old room or something, so its like one big room for me haha, awesome! great idea hey?

So i was thinking this week, that everybody here calls us Angels, Everybody who has been baptized because of missionaries efforts, refers to them as Angels. Then i was thinking, and it is true, for two years we are not only missionaries, but we are Angels of the Lord for a lot of people. and this definition supports what it said in the scripture guide. I am so grateful for the opportunity that I have to act as an angel to so many people. I don't want to get this plaque taken off of me in 8 months ahhhhh, too soon. yes, yesterday i completed another month. time is just flying!

Well. thanks for the love, also we have 3 baptisms coming up this week, Barney, Juan and Aaron. Barney happens to be very large, we're gonna have trouble finding baptismal clothes this week haha.

From Guatemala, With Love,
Elder Hopkins

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