Thursday, August 9, 2012


I got a Cell Phone!  After 15 months with no cell phone!  Only District Leaders were given them!

The niece of our Investigator had a shirt on with my name on it!  Woohoo

August 7, 2012

Hay fam jam

Excited news about Jesse's call. Everyone's going there! He'll love it. Thats where drake is from. and J Beibs, right? I dont remember things anymore. I'm glad he's safe from his fall. Sounds crazy. Did he fall off a cliff or something? or onto shale?

Thats a fantastic idea about air conditioning I think I'll try it. I'll actually be cool at night! Yesterday was a hard night. just completely out of the covers with the fan on. But i made it. It usually rains at night so its usually not too bad. (I told him to put a bowl of ice in front of his fan and it will blow cooler air onto him like a mini air conditioner)

Its still the rainy season, until like October. but it doesn't rain during the day most of the time, just at nights, so we usually only have to put up with it for a little bit at night. apparently today a tropical storm is coming, thats what I've heard, but I'm not to worried about it. I switch my shoes everyday. I bought a pair of dressy ones the other month from a paca too for like ten dollars. Brand new. A paca is just a little used clothing store. But yes I'll be good on shoes for the rest of the mish.

That's exciting about your new calling, and your calling to be temple tour guides. That'll be real special. 

About my companion? me and my comp get along well, he's a little different from me in many ways, but we get along. He's a little shy but he's getting a little less and less shy as the days go on.
I've had some favorite comps and some hard ones, Oh Boy, but I learned lots from them.

hope dad's knee will get better soon, keep it up!
as in keep it elevated.

Yesterday we had interviews with the President, it was awesome. We talked about evil spirits and how to cast them out and it was cool. also i got a cell phone! the Prez decided to give district leaders cell Phones! so after 15 months of not having one, I now have one!
also i got a bunch of cards yesterday which was awesome.  I got a nice card from Sam, My brother, it was a nice card.
Also in one from kent he starts telling me about how theres a dog of a member who follows him around constantly. Anywhere he goes, that sleeps outside of their house, and I started laughing so hard cuz thats the EXACT same thing with this area! Chavo and Gaviota the dogs are always following us and sleep outside our house. Looks like were having similar experiences. He sure has lost weight too, puchis. hes skinnier than me almost haha.

Also i did get a letter from the Bishop, and I am about to write him one back. i haven't written too too much lately cuz theres just noooo time ay ay ay. Especially with all the phone calls I have to do at night with my district. 

and I did get a letter from Kianna quite a few months back, which was great, but I didn't write her back cuz of the time!  I will make time and I also got an awesome letter from Vickie yesterday. She's a good friend.

But yes  I do have a bunch of letters I need to send, but what I'm gonna do is send you an envelope full of them, and they you can mail them out. less money sent from me, and I doubt that if I send a card to Russia from Guatemala that it will ever get there. Better chances from Canada. I doubt that one would get to Provo in time if i send it now. dang Guatemalan post.

also yea, those picture of me bathing with buckets. that is what we often have to do cuz sometimes theres no water, just the water that is in our pila, or big sink thing.

Also I wanted you to send me something about the revelation of why angel Moroni is on the temple. I understand that theres that scripture in revelations, thats a scripture mastery, but i wanted to know a little more, I'm curious.

We've put some baptism dates for the 2nd of september and some goals for the 19th of august. well see how tihngs go. Pray for a man named Adelso, his whole family are recent converts, but he's afraid he wont be able to endure to the end. but we're being creative with him, making him posters, and we're gonna drop him off some baptismal clothes this week.

Well, I'm sure i probably missed some of your questions, and I'm sure i forgot to tell you things that i wanted to, but times flies and is now up, but i love ya guys tons! keep things classy. madi, do not wear my ray ban sunglasses, and limit yourself to my clothes. you cant keep things secret when you  send me pictures wearing my stuff. nice try. haha. love ya!

And I don't even want to think about coming home and marriage or anything, i cant get married until I've had my fun with Parker and Tyler and Jesse being single after their missions, whoooo.

From Guatemala, with love, 

Elder Hopkins 

Someone posted a comment on Tanner's blog wondering how Tanner is sending me pictures each week from Guatemala, and this is Tanner's response
here's an easy answer. Just like some Americans might have the wrong impression of Canada and think we live in igloos, we Canadians, along with the Americans can have the wrong impression of other countries as well, until we visit them. There are computers in Guatemala, there are cameras, there is Internet, and there are a lot of corn tortillas. but not completely all of Guatemala is super super poor, just the majority, and there even happens to be Internet cafes in the poor parts. 
hooray for world advancement!  (So in other words, you can send pictures just like you can from home)
The nearby volcano "smoking"

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