Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Coast, More Tarantulas, & Garbage Picking

A Visit to the Coast

We were only there for an hour, but my feet got sunburnt!

Another Missionary wrote this in the sand to send to his girlfriend, so I thought I would take advantage of it and send it to you too (says "I Love You")
Hey familyyy! 

Sounds like you folks are keeping yourselves busy, i sure am too, busy busy busy.
Sounds like a fun BBQ. All i have to eat here are little restaurants that are fairly tasty, but I'm always scared that I'll have to use the bathroom all day after eating there ha. Had some good tacos on the coast, and this didn't make me sick but I was scared for the hour long bus ride after haha.

So before I forget, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADISON!! 17?!?! thats crazy. I'm teaching someone who turns 17 on the 16th too, but she's living alone with some 25 year old from el Salvador haha. I'm glad you're not living like that. Have a great birthday! save me a piece of cake, I'll be there for the next one!

To answer your questions. I did try the ice thing air conditioner, it kinda works, not as good as I thought, but worth doing on a hot morning. I was told that it works better if you put the ice behind the fan, so it doesn't melt as fast. so yes I do have a small freezer.

Yes, I do have a cook and a laundry lady. our cook doesn't make that good of food though haha unfortunately, but it fills us up.

Yes, the water does go sometimes. The way that these pilas, or big sinks work, is that the middle of it is always filled up with water, you just keep it filled, and then you have buckets to scoop up water and use it to clean on the two sides, so when theres no water, our sink is still filled up.

Yes I keep my eyes open when I shower. I just hope the water doesn't give me eye infections, I don't know how I could do it with them closed. A tarantula would bite me! There was another in our house yesterday.

I had to climb down a well yesterday to get a blender, I really wanted a blender, I have a cool video of it, but its too big to send on here. there was a lot of spiders and stuff down there, spooky ha.

I do speak english alot with my comp, he's just starting out the mission, so his spanish isn't all there yet, but on the streets and all day I teach him things.

But yeah even though i have a cell phone, I almost always have to keep it in the house, kinda strange, its a rule, but its just for emergencies and on sunday mornings to get people to church.

But yeah, on pday the other day we went to the beach, it was pretty cool there were real big waves, its a surfing beach, there were a few, pretty cool. just kinda hung out, burned my legs and feet, drank a coco, it was fun.
The guy we were teaching, well it isn't looking too good for him to be baptized as of right now, he just doesn't really have the desire, which is sad, we even had a lesson with the branch President with him. But we have three lined up for Sept. 2 - Juan and Aaron, 10 and 8 years old, of a part member family, and Barney, 23 years old. so pray for them, and pray for my district. we will see miracles happen.

Thats all the time I've got today, love ya all, keep it classy.

From Guatemala, With Love,
Elder Hopkins

My New Area
Eating Sugar Cane

I come home pretty dirty every night!
Drinking Milk out of a bag, they sell tons of drinks just out of the bag here

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