Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A "Perfect Week"

Baptism of  brothers, 8 and 10 years old

Me and my comp
My with "our" dog, (I sent him some dog bones to give it, ha ha)

I bought some more cool hammocks!

September 4, 2012

Hey Family.

Well, This has been quite the week, but I can say that we had a ''Perfect Week.''
That was the goal for this week, and we completed it.
On Tuesday I remember saying, ''Wow, The Lord really wants us to achieve this goal.'' and the next day wednesday I remember saying ''Wow, Satan really doesn't want us to achieve this goal.''

It was a week of difficulties, and a week of Miracles.I sent you pictures of my journal entries so that you have a little more information as well. 
But before I forget, because last week I did, Happy Birthday Sheri! and Happy Birthday Grandpa Hops! I hope it was a great one.

okay. So juan and Aaron apparently drank coffee on tuesday, and you gotta wait a week to be baptized, but President said they could be baptized cuz there kids. The thing is is that the people here have the tradition to drink a hot drink and dip bread in it, a dumb tradition I think, but they ran out of an acceptable hot drink, and the step dad, a member, went and bought coffee, knowing that its a sin, so they could have their stupid hot drink. I got really mad at them, the guy was somewhat offended, but I said it how it is. Well anyways, we had their baptism on sunday, we went down in a bus, no air conditioning unfortunately ha.

Barney couldn't be baptized this week, this Sunday President Brough has to come to interview him... for more information read my journal entry.

Nope, havent found any more tarantulas, but more mosquitoes are back, but yes, i did get the mosquito spray and such from the package. GRÁCIAS!
 So i had to do a bunch of interviews for the members of my district this week. it was a good experience. I had to reject one of them for baptism, but he just didn't have a testimony of Joseph Smith or Thomas Monson. It was what the Lord told me to do. He was a little disappointed, but i think he'll be baptized later on. he was wanting to get baptized and then he thought that the Lord would tell him that they were true Prophets... something like that. 
But in the District we had 6 baptisms, which was great.

hey, do you know a fun way to teach the 10 commandments with your hand, is there some sort of paper copy you could email me? that would be cool. also what would be cool is a trick quarter, the kind that you can make it look like you bite a piece off? kids here love magic haha.
The cocoa butter that you sent me is delightful. love it ha.
and I saw a commercial for the iphone 5 i think it was, I don't know if it was a fake commercial, but it looks too good to be true haha. crazy technology.

also I was looking through my comps pictures, and there was a picture of a sign that says 10:30 sleep, that I wrote and made when I was in the Guatemala MTC here, just on a piece of paper, and its still there ha ha, crazy.

Well, good luck in school, I don't even know what I want to do with my schooling, you're right mom haha. probably general studies at the U of C I was thinking.

well, times out quickly today.
Love you all so much! I bought some more cool hammocks, those are the pictures.

From Guatemala, with Love, Elder Hopkins.

Our bus ride to the baptism.. nope, no air conditioning, i was hoping!

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