Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Forgetting English, Another Baptism, and an Awesome Air Conditioned Ride!

His outdoor sink, washing up in the morning with only COLD water doesn't feel so great he says

Closest Baptismal Font in the neighboring town


July 31, 2012

Buenas Tardes Familia.

hey hey hows it going?? good i hope.

This week was a fairly good week, we got Ronaldo Baptised which was great.
We had to travel a half hour to a neighboring town that has a baptismal font, so the branch president picked us up in his truck, and drove us, Ronaldo, and a bunch of youth to come support him. it was a small little service, but it was great. it was also great to be in an AIR CONDITIONED truck for a little bit. that felt great.

I was able to do my first baptismal interviews this week, as the sisters in my district had some baptism. They went good, with some young men that were ready to be baptized. can you believe it that your little boy is acting as a judge of Israel?? under the mission presidents keys of coarse. Its pretty crazy to think of it that way. lots of responsibility.

Hmmm, what else this week... I did divisions with Elder Tanner. it  was real fun, worked hard, and of coarse talked all about stuff back home after haha. hes a cool guy. i think you've talked to him before when he was in the office. but yeah, i learned lots from him.

Thats too bad that the mission calls haven't gotten there yet, but next week I'll be waiting. to tell you the truth i forget completely all about the mission calls in the mail until i read that they haven't gotten here yet. haha. whoops.

A tiny preach my gospel in spanish would be great! i kinda actually have one already, we got a member to go print out tiny ones, but they still aren't too tiny, just a little smaller. lots of missionaries try to find book binding shops to do it, but they don't do it that great here. so yea, you ahead and send me a tiny one in the next package.

Well, i officially only have 9 months left to go. crazy. Atl east now I'm content that if anybody decides, or undecidedly has a baby, i can still make it back for their birth. thats always a calming thought. I know some people that weren't able to make it home for their brothers birth haha. but the time just flies in the mission. Hooolyyy.

And i did get Tyler Johnsons card. it was absolutely INCREDIBLE. i loved it. hes a great guy, ive got a letter written out to him, but i just gotta find a mail office. Thats the problem about living in a tiny town, theres absolutely NOTHING! theres not even places to buy food. fun stuff.

Thats great to hear that Parkers doing good in the mtc. ive got a letter for him too. Its good to hear that he's still got his sense of Humor. i lost mine a long time ago. gotta find it again. but i can't even find english words anymore.

Thats good to know that dads okay from his little accident. way to go dad, he's still got it in him. you should be proud that your married to a 25 year old in a 50 year olds body. haha, but just don't get too too hurt. we've got lots of riding to do in 9 months.

Well, i don't know what else to write. i usually have to write it all down in my agenda to remember what to say, but this week i didn't really write anything.

oh yeah, you said to tell you if I'm sick, i don't know why though, you'll just worry..  2 weeks ago i was sick with a fever, but don't worry, I'm better now.  haha .there ya go, you wanted to hear, there it is., but don't go off worrying about it

Well. i love ya all, que se cuiden.
im gonna go eat a taco and an icecream cone. 

From Guatemala, With Love,
Elder Hopkins

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  1. Hi! I'm a new fan of your AWESOME blog, as we have a missionary who just entered the MTC a week ago! My burning question is, HOW IN THE WORLD is your son getting all these great pictures to you from Guatemala?????????????

    I'm not exactly sure how to get a response to this comment... Maybe I can check back for a reply comment? Or is there an email address where I can contact you for tips on how to get your missionary son to send you a bunch of wonderful photos from outside of the country?!?