Tuesday, August 21, 2012

As the Missionaries Call it - Pregnant and about to be a Father!

Me and my district. Elder Hale, from Colorado, Elder Reyes, from Dominican Republic, Elder Haefner, from St. Louis, Hna Neghbor, from Utah, and Hna Steed, from Raymond AB.
"A" and his tremendous girls!

August 21, 2012
Hey Family!!.
Sounds like your all doing great in the busy city. Great that you could have some get aways.
So to answer your questions, yes there was another tarantula in the house haha. this was the third. ay ay ay, im going to come home with spider fears haha. but i did do a huuuuge house cleaning yesterday, sweeping and hosing down all the walls, there used to be so many spider webs everywhere, and dirt and dust. There still is a little. The problem is its open where the walls and roof meet, since its just a little tin roof. i havent taken pictures just because I've always forgotten, but I'll try to remember this week. I changed all the furniture arrangement too.

so yes tomorrow is changes. and only the missionaries that have changes go to it, and the rest have to wait till later to get their packages, but the mail usually comes through the district leaders through the zone leaders.

But....., yes we do have changes. my comp is leaving, and i am pregnant, or in other words tomorrow i am going to be a dad, or in other words, for the next two changes, i am going to be training, a brand new missionary!  It should be fun, difficult, and challenging, but fun. It's about a 50/50 chance of  it being a norte americano, or a latino. Yes, your missionary son is now going to be a Father, exciting.
I'm excited cuz i was never trained on the new training program, so i have no idea what its all about, so I'll get to experience it, from the teaching side. that could also be a disadvantage too, cuz im going through it for the first time with my kid too. but it will be a great learning experience. Pres Brough said that training will probably be the most difficult thing of the mission, but it will also be rewarding. so thats the news i got.

Juan Aaron and Barney all all doing good. they are going to be baptized on the 2nd. We reported them as set baptismal dates. We are working on a few more to be baptized in september, so that as a mission we can reach 300 baptism, something that has never been done here.

Hearing that you ate at that Indian food restaurant made my mouth water. that place is so sooooo good! lets go eat there when i get back. along with tons of other great restaurants. I think I will gain weight when I'm back! 

Speaking of my return, a kind of depressing topic, i was thinking I will get home right before fast sunday, so my homecoming talk would end up being the next Sunday which is Mothers Day, who knows, people will want to go to their ward with their moms, and all the moms that have missionaries will get sad haha, If you pick me up we can go to all the markets and load up on things to bring back from Guatemala.
But its still way too early to be speaking of this, i don't get home for another 2 years...

The picture i sent you are of “A” and his family, the two little girls are tremendous! so funny haha, hes the only non member, but its not looking like hes going to be baptized, we told him straight up that if he doesn't get baptized on the 2nd we are going to stop visiting him, which sucks, cuz its a great family, and they all love it when we come to visit.

I found a place that makes super awesome hammocks, and you can pick all the colors, nice type of knit, they're super comfy, so im gonna order 2 haha, it'll be like 50 dollars, but its worth it for these ones, the one i have is kinda crappy, but these will be great to bring home.

well, thats all for this week folks,
Love you all, keep on the straight and narrow, in all aspects of your lives.
From Guatemala, with much love,
Elder Hopkins

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