Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fighting a Tarantula, Protecting the Dogs

Something to kill!


Don't worry too much about the mosquitoes, I bought a bunch of spray here, and this spiral thing that you burn like incense to get rid of them, there's a little less, but still tons ha ha. Listerine is sold here, but its a little expensive, but good to know that that apparently works.
hmmm, about the only relief to the heat I get is when I take my cold shower, usually at night so I don't go to bed covered in sweat, and in the morning, but in the morning its not that pleasant.

That shaved ice place sounds great, i would love some right now. they actually sell it a lot here, but in the street, and who knows if its from pure water, so we cant eat it.

The branch is alright, we had 8 investigators at church on Sunday, also the dogs of course. we had a goal as a mission to have 500 investigators attending. we got 520. The most that we have ever had in the history of all the mission. fantastic.

The dogs are good. there's actually another one, named Gaviota, or Seagul in English ha ha, she's actually the mom of Chavo, she followed us to lessons all day yesterday, entered with us, and sat there during. She followed us home a night, and then we entered into our house. about an hour later I checked to see if she was still there, and there she was, but also with Chavo, sleeping at our door. and what do you know when I got up, I opened the door, and there was Chavo, sleeping at the door, and then when I went our back, to wash up in the outdoor sink (pila) that we have, there was Gaviota, chillin out back. its pretty funny actually, but every street we go down, all the other dogs attack Chavo and Gaviota, its kinda a hassle, I feel like I gotta protect them.

This week one day when we came home there was a tarantula in our house, kinda freaked me out, but i just killed it real quick.

also we have a baptism this Friday, a 18 year old boy named Ronaldo. he's pretty cool. There was a 3 day youth camp this last weekend that he went to, it was over night and everything in a different city, and he absolutely loved it. it made me glad for all the great youth programs of the church. It made me think of all the fun things I got to do as a youth.

Also as a district we got 6 more baptism dates. whooo! we had a goal to challenge people to baptism more this week, and it seemed to have worked. That means I've got a lot of interviews to do. my first one is on Saturday. hopefully it's all good ha.

And yes, the food here is pretty similar to everywhere else, maybe a little different. also there are tons of coconuts, and we drink them a lot, cuz people give them to us, and we have some investigators that don't have jobs that's all they have to do is sell cocos, so I buy them from them every so often. I don't actually like them that much. I mean I love coconut flavored drinks, candy, just about anything, but just plain coconut isn't the absolute best ha.

I've been good with my energy, the first few days I was full of it, now its a little less, but still plenty to get the work done but there's a scripture in d y c that says if we work hard and are diligent, we will always have enough to do what we need to do.

Had a little bit of a fever the other day, but I'm all good now. just took a bunch of pills, rested a little, and drank lots of water.

I'm excited to hear where los abuelos are going, and where Jesse will be going for their mission. Guatemala Central!! wherever it  is, it will be perfect for them.

Well, that's about all for this week, love ya guys, have fun in Phoenix girls, and have fun at home boys.
I got a bunch of letter the other day btw, from every one in the fam basically, and friends. it was great.

love ya guys, keep it classy
From Guatemala, with Love,
Elder Hopkins

A little hot, Elder?

Time for the end of the day shower.

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