Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Referred to as "Angels" and Planting the seed

Baptism of the Familia "R"

with their little boy
A Hammock I put up in our house

Some P-Day Fun

May 29, 2012
Hey mami papi y hermanos

I'll answer the questions first so i don't forget.
my ecco boots are size 42, i love em, eccos are super comfortable, the missionary shoes look more water proof than the shoes i have now, but the eccos are pure waterproof, which is great because I”m often walking in 2 to 3 inches of water.

I don't have any of that spray or waterproof polish, but the water gets n through the seams, and the hole on the bottom of my shoe haha, so i don't think it would make a difference. I'll send you a picture of the hole when it gets bigger, so we can sent it to mish mall for a new pair, right now its just a tiny little hole.

my companions don't snore, but sometimes i talk in my sleep apparently, but i do have earplugs if i ever have the need to use them.

right now i have a little bit of a cold, but all the stomach and bowel problems are gone, at least as gone as they can be while I'm in Guatemala. hopefully this cold will go away pretty quickly.

 the last time i went to the temple was in december, i might get to go to it in a few more months for a sealing of some recent converts, but well see... and yeah, the last time i went i did it all in spanish, it was great.
great that Parkers all g`d up. my first time i had no idea what was happening, but ya you just gotta go to learn more and get used to it, and gain a testimony of it.

im super glad parkers doing so good, he is such a great friend, sucks that I'll have to wait a year after my mission until he gets back, but thats just the way things gotta be. I want to write him so i can get a letter to the mtc ASAP, but i dont have his mtc address i need it!
i think i have most of those pictures of me and parker printed out in one of my albums actually haha, from that great trip we took a year ago. but I'm excited to see the pictures you're gonna send me.(I told him about the pictures he was in from Parker's mission slide show)

We don't have any rules about what days we can baptize, we baptized this family on sunday at 6. they just need to attend church 3 times before being baptized, we got permission to baptize Brother “R” with only coming twice. But it was a fantastic baptism, Sister “R” bore her testimony afterwards, and it was really touching. she said she was talking with her husband, and they came to the conclusion that if we hadn't talked to them in the street that day, one of them would be dead, the way they were living before. She said we were her angels. They're both super happy and have had a big change in their lives in a short amount of time. I sent a photo of my journal entry that says more about that. (His mission journal page talks about how he saw them in the street one day on their way to another appointment and how Elder Hopkins felt he needed to go and talk with them. He also mentions Sister “R's” name and how she has 6 very long names plus her last name for a total of 7 very long spanish names and since he was the one to baptize her, he had to memorize those names and their order before hand which was a challenge)

Also something super cool that happened. So about a month ago we were teaching a family, and the cousin of the wife was there, and we taught her a little bit, and gave her a book of mormon. A little after that we dropped this family cuz they weren't progressing, but the other day we found her cousin in the street, and we talked a little bit, she said that she started going to church, and that she was going to get married, and baptized this weekend that just passed. The Lord had a purpose for us to be teaching that family, maybe not for them, maybe it wasn't their time, but this other lady and her husband were baptized because of it.

Heres some pictures of the baptism, some p-day fun, the district and zone im in, a hammock i put up in the house haha, and a volcano that you can see from my area, volcan pacaya. you can see smoke coming out from it every once in a while.

tell Tyler I say he should just get his butt out there in the mission field as soon as he can as well, and if he needs extra money when he gets back, we can invest in some hot dog stands together or something.

I haven't gotten that package yet, but tomorrow is mail day, if i don't get it tomorrow, I'll get it in like 3 weeks. oh and yes, I'm staying in my area and getting a new companion. maybe another from honduras? Haha (He has had companions from Honduras his entire mission in the field except for just 3 weeks, when he had an American)

Love ya guys so much, keep on keepin on.
From Guatemala, With love,
Elder Hopkins

Playing Soccer on P-Day
Volcan Pacay, you can see from my area.  Some days you can see smoke coming out of the top

My District
My Zone

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