Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mother's Day Activity and more work to do

Buenas Tardes Querida Famila Mia

I'm glad you liked that little mother's day card. A lady in my ward. Hermana Delmy, Took a picture of me while we were at their house on Sunday for lunch and made the little design and then sent it to you the week after, on mothers day. Also this is how Gracias is spelled haha.

I'm glad your all having a great time in phoenix, relaxing and enjoying the sun. luckily today isnt a sunny day here in Guate, rather rainy.

We had interviews with the President this week, and got pouch as well. it was a pleasant surprise to get letters from Jocelyn Leavitt, Lauren Steele, and Sam Turner. If i want to write Sam back i might have to write it to his house since hes almost done his mission ha ha. it sucks to hear that some people haven't gotten cards that I've sent them, but I have responded to every letter I've received, that's Guatemalan postal service for ya.

Unfortunately with the family R. we've been having a few technical difficulties ay ay ay. But they should be baptised by the end of the month. The husband got a promotion so they switched his schedule for work so we have to wait until he has come to church enough times. But this weekend we will be marrying him, Saturday at 6. We've been talking with the Lawyer who is a member here and marries our investigators for free, and there's a chance that he cant to it this Saturday, we might have to find another Lawyer and pay it ourselves, like 50 bucks between the two of us, well see what happens.

This week we had a great ward activity for mother's day, 240 people came, we had a nice talk by the bishop, and then a few skits from each church organization, The elders quorum did a hilarious comedy act and everyone was dying of laughter. unfortunately only 140 people came to church the next day... ayayay.

Thats great to hear that Tom and Nicole are going to be sealed, send them my congratulations, anyways great when a family is sealed. The one old man that we baptized in February is having problems with smoking again, so we're working hard on that with him.

Great that Madi's working hard at Lics, eating lots of ice cream I'm sure haha, or maybe not. I think tomorrow I'll buy a great big cone in memory of Madison haha.

Don't worry too much for the comp that I have right now, he's from a well off family haha, his family was in Miami and sent his a package just a little bit ago.

This week, on Thursday actually, we have a conference with Elder Amado of the Seventy, and on Monday I think were going to Antigua again, woohoo... Antigua is boring already, the only thing there  to do is buy things haha.

Yeah if you could find an article about Corinthians14 or something that would be cool, I'm sure it would be easy to learn a lot more about it if I had access to the internet to do it ha. mainlyof verse 2 I think it is...

The photos are of me at the activity, this little girl gave me a duck visor to look after for a little bit, and at the interviews we all bought a cake for Sister Brough, the president's wife, since Thursday was mothers day here.

Well, I sure love you guys, keep being the best you can all be.

From Guatemala with love,
Elder Hopkins!

Our Mission President's wife, Sister Brough is in the pink in the middle

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