Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The One Year Hump Day Ritual

Traditional Shirt Burning at the One Year Mark

May 1, 2012
Hey Fam

Ya the original and ranch corn nuts are the best to send me, and the socks thats you sent me are great, so just send me like the same ones i guess. and yeah, that would be a good time for you to call me, I'll be in the house this Sunday waiting, another phone call already, its seems too soon ha.

ummm i dont know when my visa credit card expires, but ill look tonight.

 haha thats sweet that Jesse is working at American Apparel right now, a good job for him. hey you should tell Sydney Barr to write me!! I've never gotten a letter from her, I'd like to hear from her.

And don't worry about the flees, I've got them under control, I aired out my mattress and blankets in the hot sun and changed all my sheets so not I'm all good. I actually did just buy another bed sheet, not from walmart or anything, I've never been there, but I bought it from a paca. basically on every street theres like 5 pacas, when a family buys a big bundle of used clothes and sells them from their house, like a little value village. Anyways I bought some sheets for like 2 dollars.

And yes my feet are doing fine, the insoles you sent me are good. one of my pairs of shoes the sole is about to wear right through, but I'll take a picture of it when it does to get the free pair from missionary mall. I'll probably just end up putting a new sole on it, theres a lot for shoe repair places everywhere here too.

So the one Family that we are going to baptize, well, we are probably going to be baptizing the woman first, and later the man, well they still don't have their papers, but we're working on that. The man works 2 sundays, then 2 sundays off, so he still hasn't been able to come to church yet. But the woman draws and paints on her walls, kinda strange but its a hobby she has i guess, well, when we went yesterday, she has 2 scriptures from the Book of Mormon written on her walls as well. So she is reading and is really into the church you could say.

We put another baptismal date this week, but it kinda fell already, and I'll tell you why. (private message)
.. we have a goal to baptize 3 people in May.

So yes, i did burn a shirt on the night I completed a year, and my comp did say. usted esta loco! its not really a latino thing, just a north american thing.  

I also bought a new Belt this week, my second belt of the mission ripped into 2 pieces.
We share a ward with another pair of missionaries, and they had a baptism the other day of a super old man that basically has the mind of an 8 year old so he had to get married to his wife his partner of many years, who is 35 years younger than him, so it was a kinda a weird wedding, like an 80 year old with a 45 year old, but they did it so he could be baptized. As he was entering into the water he tried to take his pants off cuz he didn't want to get the clothes wet, and the Elder that was baptizing him told him to keep them on, and he said, Your Crazy!! anyways, me and another elder had to help him dry off and changed his clothes... I never thought I'd have to do that on my mission... but its all said and done now. ha.

But know that i am well,and content. I can't believe there's only a year left, there's still soo much to do and learn. 2 years is too short for a mission! I guess I just gotta realize that there's life after the mission to learn and improve as well.

Love you guys so much! I'll talk to you guys on sunday at like 9 i guess!
-Elder Hopkins

Helping him get dressed afterward

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