Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Wedding, another visit to Antigua and Being Sick

Wedding of the "R" Family = their baptism next week!

A good ole shoe shine in Antigua

 May 22, 2012
Hey Family

Thats some great new about all these missionary farewells, I hope you sent them my love. Sounds like Parkers and Peters talked were great. I laughed out loud when i read some of the stuff that Parker said haha, what a great guy, miss him. and wow, little Lincoln is all grown up and is about to graduate, haha, thats fantastic news.

To answer your questions, yes, I can print out emails here. and yes, changes are soon. The actual day is wednesday the 30th, but they tell us the monday before. But I already know whats happening basically, my companion is leaving, and I'm getting a new companion. there ya have it, but next week I'll confirm it.

So yes,we did marry the family "R"!! we didn't have to pay anything either, cuz the lawyer who is a member here was able to to marry them, and he does it for free. It was a good wedding, they're happy, and ready to be baptized this sunday thats coming up. It was funny at the wedding, cuz Isabel who doesn't want to get married to her parter due to past problems (we baptized her daughter, her sister, and her brother in law) she caught the bouquet of flowers so maybe she'll get married soon haha We bugged her about it, but still is showing no sign of getting married. Her and her partner do come to church every week though.

What else... We had a conference with Elder Amado of the 70 this week. it was a great conference, he's a really funny guy haha. Basically he talked and talked and told stories for about 5 hours, and we didn't open our scriptures even once. He kept saying, don't put as much attention to me,but put attention to the spirit, and what it tells you. That was basically the theme of the conference, how to recognize the spirit.

This week i got sick again, it suuuucked. On Tuesday I had BU (butt urine) all night, in between appointments we basically just ran to bathrooms. and at night I started to have  really bad fever. I had a high temperature, had BU, a sore stomach and didn't sleep too much that night, and slept in until 2 in the afternoon the next day, (it was our Pday luckily) I was still feeling horrible, but my companion had a dentist appointment, so we took a taxi there and back because guatemalan buses make me feel sick even when I'm not sick to begin with. Slept the rest of that night, and then the next day i was basically better. It might have been the temperature change cuz its started to rain a lot more here. The exact sickness elder Reeder from my district got the same night. But I'm all better now, don't worry.

Yesterday we went to Antigua again, kinda boring, not too much to do there, just walk through the markets and buy cool unnecessary things. I bought a hammock, pair of shorts, and a piece of corte that I'm going to get put into a suit. but overall it was good time.

Yes i have taken out some money, about 3000 Quetz, like 250 dollars ish i think. but yeah, it was for my suit, and then I took out some other money to bring to Antigua, also for those taxi rides that saved my life, or at least my pants, and the shame of throwing up on people on a bus. I didn't spend even the half of it, but I have it stored away in my suitcase for when I need it. The machines here charge a lot to take money out.

The photos I sent are of the wedding, and Antigua. They were selling necklaces with a swastika on it, also I got a good ol shoe shine like I always do in Antigua, and just chillin at some fountain, one of the two being a little erotic, but there it is, in the middle of central park. Also just me in the house with my shorts I bought haha.

Love ya guys tons! have a great week, party it up hard at the grad party madison!

From Guatemala, with love,
Elder Hopkins

at mono loco, the restaurant in Antigua they were playing good music, they even played heart of gold by neil young! I got excited haha. I heard some cool new songs too haha. made me want to dance too. haha... one day.

hey, also its starting to rain almost every day here now, and my shoes get soaked cuz I only have one pair of water proof. If theres a nice cheap pair of waterproof dress shoes that would be good it would be great if you could send me some, but don't want to make you guys spend more money on me haha, I feel like you've already sent me so much stuff after spending so much money in the first place on me, getting all my stuff before the mission. but just let me know what you find.
Selling necklaces with a swastika on it in Antigua

Chillin in Antigua
The "erotic" fountain in Antigua in Central Park 

The new shorts I bought

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