Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Service Day on the News and Shopping at Pacas

Talking to the family on his week early Mother's Day phone call.
Muy Buenas Tardes Familia Mia

So I don't have too too much to write since we just talked on the phone 2 days ago, but well see what I can think up. A Guatemalan can talk about absolutely anything for hours and hours without stopping, but I haven't quite aquired this attribute I'd say, nor do I really want to. But yes it was great to talk to all of you guys this past weekend, it's great that your all doing so well. And fantastic news that Sam and Jazz are engaged, seems kinda surreal since I'm so far away, but I guess in about a years time, I'll have a wedding to attend. Woohoo!

A warm nice feeling entered into my being as I read what you wrote ´´I know this next year will fly by and you will be back home with us soon... to lay on the carpet and walk in barefeet in the house.´´ Carpet and barefeet seem like something of the past, but I am very excited for our re-uniting.

Hmmm, so this week like I told you we had a service project, it was a service day in Central America. We painted and renovated a walk in doctor's clinic basically. It was a good time, and there was a lot of work to do. The minister of Health of Guatemala came along with a news crews and we all were on the news and paper I'm pretty sure, we never watch the news or read the paper, but I'm assuming that we are in there somewhere haha.

At the service Project, we managed to talk to a Lawyer, who told us that we can marry the family R. with the Papers that they have. The husband appeared a little hesitant, but we have an appointment with them tonight so we're gonna try to get everthing worked out. Like I said before about marraige here in Guatemala, nobody wants to get married. There could be a couple that have lived together for 40 years, have 6 kids together, but when you mention marriage to them, they say that they have to think about it seriously first.  AY AY AY ughhhh. But thats the way things are here in Guatemala.

Hey, I sent a picture of a little waterproof case that I found in a Paca (used clothes type store) that I've been using for my camera. Great Case, perfect for Guatemala, but it broke the other day, if you ever find anything like this, it would be great to have if you could include it in a package some time.

Also here's a picture of a cool little pin that the stake president gave me and my companion. it was nice haha. Also I took a picture of myself while I was talking to you guys again, so I thought I'd throw that one in there.

Also like I was saying, is there's pacas absolutely everywhere here, on every street wherever you go there's like 2 pacas, Well, the other day I found a really nice pair of brand new hush puppy shoes, I'm pretty sure those are expensive. but I bought them for about 8 dollars. they are suede so I can't use them here in the mission, but I bought them anyways, for after the mission maybe haha.

Also I'm going to Antigua again in like 2 weeks, so if there's any little souvenirs you want just tell me, cuz I'm probably going to send a little package home pretty soon with the cards that I've recieved and anything else I can throw in for you guys.

Fantastic that madison is working at Lics, I absolutely love icecream. Its fairly cheap down here too, I don't know why I don't eat it more often, its like $1.25 for a waffle cone with 2 scoops. yummm. I'm making my own mouth water while I'm sitting here in this heat writing you guys.

Well, thats all I've got for this week, maybe by next week well have this R. family married already, I hope so!
 les amo

From Guatemala, With love,
Elder Hopkins

Service at the Doctor's Clinic
Service at the Doctor's Clinic
Pin from his Stake President
Small case from his Paca shopping

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