Thursday, June 7, 2012

Gotta Gun? Okay, you can have my pen.

Elder Escobar and Elder Hopkins
 Hey family!

So my new companion is named Elder Escobar, and yes, he is from Honduras. haha. my what, 5th comp from Honduras. why didn't i just go there on my mission? his name is Josue Escobar. He has 9 months in the mission, doesn't know English, but hes trying to learn, and yeah, were were getting along just dandy.

I did get the package, and i did get the socks, i love them! thank you so much, I still have candy left over from the package you sent me like 2 months ago, so don't worry about putting in lots of candy haha. the best is always pictures and letters. i don't really need anything else right now, I need to get rid of a few things i think, i think I'll send a package home one of these days.

The raincoat I use most is the one I got from MEC, cuz its nice and small, and fits nicely into one of those mesh bags to fit in my backpack. The other coat is nice,and I like it, but its kinda big to fit in a backpack. if i was a North American missionary and had a car, that would be nice to just put things in the car haha. but I'm walking around all day, with absolutely everything i need, and might need, in my backpack. But yeah, it has been raining here a lot lately.

Don't worry about the camera case, i have that waterproof bag you sent me for Christmas that's working just fine.

This week was pretty good, had two confirmations in church, the familia R. that was just baptised. they're happy for this path they are walking.

I don't have too much stuff to tell you this week, some drunk guy in a car stole my comps agenda, and my pen, he kept saying he had a gun, and kept reaching down to grab it, but I'm pretty sure he had nothing, but to not cause a scene, i gave him my 50 cent pen haha.

Also something that bugs me is that every evangelical church is so different down here, some are living the law of Moses, the Sabbath day on Saturday, they don't eat pork, they prepare all their food before the Sabbath day,  stuff like that. some people say that it's a sin for a woman to wear pants, because is Deuteronomy says that woman can't wear clothes of men, when in this time everybody wore tunics, also in the same chapter it says that you can't wear fabric mixed of linen and wool, and that you can't plant various types of plants in one garden, and I'm sure they aren't following that.
The people here are very confused.

So the pictures I sent are of my trainer, who just went home, and all the other missionaries he trained, all of his kids we call it. my new agenda for this change, everyone always puts pictures on it, and covers it with clear plastic sheets for the rain.
An old lady of the family of our cook, Abuela, or grandma we all call her. shes a funny old lady that we always joke around with.
Also where we eat, there is a little fish tank, and one day, the daughter of our cook said that we killed one of her fish, we always joke around with her.  One day the fish was gone, and she found rice in the tank, she thought we fed it, it died, and we chucked it. The truth is I sometimes give the fish a little bit of tortilla, but it never does any harm. haha. but we didn't kill the fish. but one day we bought her this super ugly fish and put it in the tank, but like 3 days later it died, so now we always say that she killed OUR fish. We eat with another pair of missionaries everyday as well, so they were all part of it too haha. so that's what the pictures of the fish are ha.

But that's all I've got today i think. Love ya all tons!
Have fun in Phoenix! don't get sunburnt! Yesterday i took a nap in my hammock outside in the sun, it felt soooo good, I loved it, but the only bad part is that my legs are now sunburnt.
Look at the difference in the picture of me and my trainer, how tanned he is, and how red i am haha. my skin doesn't tan without tanning lotion. so I bought a bottle the other day to put on so my face isn't red anymore, maybe it will actually get brown. Fun Fun.
Until next week
From Guatemala, With Love,
Elder Hopkins

With his Trainer, Elder Euteinier

His trainer, Elder Euteinier, with all his 'kids'
His agenda for this change - covered in plastic to protect it from the rain.
A dead fish.
Another view of a dead fish.

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