Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ups and Downs of Mission Life

April 24, 2012

Hola Fammmmm

Its good to hear from you each week, this week had its ups and downs, but right now we are in the up part, so thats all good.

Well, this man named “A”, who we contacted on the street and came to church two times, we went back to his house after teaching about the book of mormon, and said that he can't accept it, and told us to never come back. i started teaching and testifying mad about the book, and the mood kinda changed, but then he started bringing up the topic about how he believed saturday should be the holy day, and bla bla bla, and basically, its one less family that we are teaching now. It made me sad to see them reject this message, but i gotta be like Ammon in Alma 26:27-30. at least I did my part. and in the Doctrine and Covenants it says that at the judgement I will be one of the people who judge them, and I will tell them, I told you so.

Well, that was the bad part, but here's the good part:
We contacted a family on the street, went to their house a few days later, taught them lesson one, and invited them to church. On sunday we went to their house before church to bring them to church, but they weren't home, we left a little sad, but when we got to church, the wife and her son were there waiting for us, the husband was working. Last night we went to their house for another appointment, the wife said she really liked the church, and that she read the restoration pamphlet, and said she truly believes that God used Joseph smith to restore His Gospel. We challenged her to baptism, and before I could even finish the question she said yes. We have the goal for the 12th of May. It was a blessing that come out of the sky from nowhere. I feel so blessed to have this happen. The only problem is that we have to marry them first, and the woman doesn't have all of her papers, and apparently it takes at least 15 days to get the papers, but it sometimes takes even longer. but we are praying. This family is called The family “R”, and their son “A” . It was a great day yesterday.

Also the Lord really does guide this work, we were looking for an address that a woman gave us when we contacted her in the street. the address turned out being fake, but there was a woman standing outside of her house so we decided to ask her if she knew where it was, she didn't but we started talking and her husband is a less active member that was baptized 2 or 3 years ago, and nobody else in the family is a member. she said we could come back and visit them, so we did, and ended up finding 3 new investigators, and also a family that was visiting them that don't live in our area that were going to be baptized but they moved and lost contact with the missionaries. But they all said they want to come to church this sunday. We just happened to be looking for this fake address when this woman just happened to be outside her house when we just happened to ask her where it was. God lead us to this family. We'll see what happens with them, they seem fairly positive.

Also the big envelope came with the smart wool socks. and I LOVE THEM. I would tell Parker that thats all that he should bring on his mission if he can. its like I'm walking on a cloud and after washing them and drying them they don't get all crusty like the stiff crusty socks that I put on this morning. Just gotta wait till my feet start sweating until they aren't as crusty anymore. ewe gross. ha

Also i don't know what time you want me to call, cuz my house is kinda far away from church, and its kinda inconvenient for me to come back after church to call. The best times for me would be at like 8:30 ish, maybe 9:30 ish at night or at 7:30, or eight in the morning before church. Right now my time is 1 o'clock, i don't know what time you guys have. I don't know, let me know next week when you want me to call exactly. my number is xxxx xxx . I don't know what the area code is, but the answering machine will be just some spanish lady saying the phone number I'm pretty sure, the same as last time.

Well, this week i have no photos, cuz i didn't even take any this week, but next week i will as i complete a year on friday.

Also theres a new missionary named Sister Steed thats from Raymond that just came in. I haven't met her yet, but I bet shes related to my friend Tanner Steed form Calgary, I'm excited to meet another Canadian here in Guatemala.

Thats all for this week,
Love you guys so much! see you all in 2 years. (note from me – uh, that would be ONE year Tanner)
Love Elder Hopkins

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