Monday, August 29, 2011

Week 18: His hardest trial yet and "Aah! It's the dog!"

With a sun burnt nose.

Well to answer you first, my companions first name is Carlos

Yes yes i did get my packages! Whoohooo! and I love having music, I got a copy of a CD from my companion too. And I loved the pictures. I didn't realize there was messages from everyone on the backs of them until like 4 days later, and I absolutely loved that part of it.

And also I went through probably the hardest trial of my life with that dr pepper. i didn't drink any of it. i poured two out for the picture I'm sending you, and that was a bad idea cause that rich rich smell of that sweet nectar, dr pepper, was so hard to resist. but i did it. Phew. (side note: Tanner's New Mission President doesn't allow any caffeine drinks, and this is a new rule, and wasn't the rule when I sent the Dr. Pepper 3 months ago!)

That's sweet that you went to boogies burgers, that place is so good!  the only thing I have here where I can eat hamburgers is called Q dely. and I think I'm going to eat there in like 45 minutes.

Awe thanks for giving those guys those address labels. I was going to say out of the pictures I got, Parker, Tyler, Zack, Lincoln, Brendon Jesse and Jordan all looked so so handsome. wooow. ha.

That's funny that you mentioned Elder Cukuk. He was in my district. He is a pretty cool guy. We got along well. (side note, I told him that in Elder Cukuk's blog, he mentions that he paid a lady $3.00 to shorten all his long sleeved shirts into short sleeves shirts and wondered if Tanner would want to do that)

Oh man Sam hahaha that is so funny. i want a beard like that. but where's your mustache?? I'm going to grow a bigger and better beard than him in about two years. (side note: I sent Tanner a picture of his brother who just got home from doing a dig for 4 months and he has a wild mountain man beard)

Anyways I wanna try to put some of the pictures you sent me onto my camera so I'll just tell you a few quick things about my week. The other day me and my companion were walking down the street and a dog tried to bite him and kinda jumped after him. That night we were sitting in someone's house for a lesson and the same dog walked into the room. and we were like ahhh it's the dog!!. it didn't try to bite again or anything, but it was kinda funny.

Also after almost 8 months of listening to the missionaries, Jorje Louise got baptized. whooo! He's kind of a  different man, but he believes the church is true. It was kinda funny, cuz he was kinda scared of going under the water. We had to do it twice. Elder Cruz from the mission, came to baptize him, because he was the one that found him, and Jorje wanted Elder Cruz to do it. so Elder Cruz and Pearson came for the baptism.

Also it has been really hot here this week, my nose is definitely burnt. Of course, my big nose always gets burnt.

Well sorry that I didn't write too too much this week, but I want to try to get these pictures onto my camera, so I can always remember them haha. love you all!! byeee

The hardest trial
And the blessings of obedience - Jorje Louise is baptized.

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