Monday, August 8, 2011

Week 15: First Baptism, still fleas and willpower

Hola Familia.
Well... I wanted it [his hair] short cuz its cooler, but also its only how short it is because they cut hair funny down here, they shaved it all and left the front long, so I just told them to shave the front off too. yeah I think I still have fleas, but I just spray my clothes every morning with permetherine so it kills them all, so I'm not itching all day. I laughed out loud when i read that Sam Turner got bit by a monkey. What a goof.

So yes! I had my first baptism yesterday. and I got to baptize him. He is so much happier than he was before. This is the man we found just sitting on sidewalk with his mentally challenged son, looking off in the distance like he didn't know what to do with his life. His wife had left him and he was left alone to take care of his son and daughter. He was really kind of shy and seemed depressed, but as we continued to teach him, and bring him to church, he opened up more and more and seemed more and more happy. Its amazing what the gospel can do to someone's life, give them a purpose and direction.

Baha that's so funny that you did that to my friends to force them to write me pity letters haha. But it's always great to get them. ummm im gonna say maybe not send me a package this time you're in phoenix. I already have a bunch waiting for me, and I dont want to get to a change meeting and have to carry two suitcases, a backpack, and three packages onto bus after bus trying to arrive somewhere far away haha. Alot of that stuff I can get here at the stores, the cards and pictures and print outs are the things I love most, an envelope might be sufficient, for at least a little while, until the backup of packages stops. I might be getting some of them on Wednesday, depending if they've come.

I did get the little sign and tshirts you made. I'll be sure to take a picture of it tonight.
Yes yes i did spend a lot of money at Antigua, but i couldn't resist buying such cool stuff for you guys! Hopefully the package that I'm going to be sending to you tomorrow will arrive. Maybe in two years you'll have to come down and we can just fill up suitcases of souvenirs haha.

That's too bad Madi got in a car crash, but practice makes perfect.
Also thats cool to see that temple is coming along, I can't wait till i can go to it someday!
and fantastic that my tree is still there. It better stay there till the second coming.

well I love you guys lots! I'll let you know next week where I am!
Keep it classy.
Love Elder Hopkins

Here's some photos of my baptism!
The other photos are some ruins that were in Antigua, there was a courtyard and we were pretending to be harry potter. you better go see the movie for me if you haven't already.  Also they had DR. PEPPER in antigua! but i couldnt drink it! cuz i would be breaking the rules. some pretty strong will power eh? love you all lots! besos.
Baptism in Villa Canales
Ruins in Antigua
Ruins in Antigua
Obeying the rules...

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