Monday, August 22, 2011

Week 17: Rain Blessings

August 22, 2011

¡Hola Padres Hermanos Abuelos y Amigos!

This week had been pretty good, first full week with a latino companion, it's not bad, I was kinda worried about it at first, but it's turned out to be a blessing. We get along great, he is a great missionary, and my ability to speak Spanish is increasing. One day when it was raining really hard, we hid ourselves under a tarp for a few minutes. There was also a man avoiding the rain under the tarp with us. We started talking to him and we got his address to go back to visit him. We went and taught him, and his family, and they are very very positive. They brought up baptism the first lesson, and about how they need to get married to do so. We hadn't taught them any of that yet, but they were very interested it all of it. they are a chosen family. They came to church and loved it. We feel like they will be baptised before this change is over. I don't have any pictures of them, but I don't need to send you pictures because if you search "Chris Rock" on Google images (click here), you will know exactly what this man looks like. He must be his long lost twin or something because he looks and sounds exactly like Chris Rock.
Anyways, this has strenghthened my testimony of talking to everyone, because really we are just here to find the people that are ready. we have been finding lots of new people to teach, and we are being blessed for it. 20 new people this week.

okay now to try to answer some of your questions. I'm still not sick, don't worry. Although maybe I'm constantly a little sick and just used to it now. but I feel fine ha. Yeah the home of the fam Ajquejay sure is humble, there's only that one room, and that's their house. A lot of people live like that here. My Spanish is better today than yesteday, but not as good as it will be tomorrow. I'm not really having many problems with fleas anymore thank goodness.

I love the echo five boots, but I'm gonna say not to send me another pair, but I will say send me another pair for my birthday or something, cuz around that time I might actually need them.

My latino comp is very obediant. hes been out for 8 months. we get along good and everything is good there.

About my motorbike, you can sell it. I want a motorbike when I get back, but I could buy a different one, cuz I kinda wanted a bigger motor anyways.

Yea antigua is a big tourist site, there was lots of white people there, which was wierd to see. I want to bring you guys there. In fact I had a dream last night that I got home, and I was like wow that went by really fast, and then we were talking about going back so I could take you there.

Tell Sam and his girlfriend that I say to go to church. and I promise that the quality of their lives will increase. I've seen it with many people here already.

I don't have any pictures for you this week, sorry!
but yes I do enjoy receiving one or two photos from you every once in a while. I printed off the one of you guys in front of the temple.

Well my time's about to run out. I love you all
until next week.
Love Elder Hopkins

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