Monday, August 1, 2011

Week 14: Fleas, Frenchtoast Tortillas and Working Hard

By the sugarcane field
Monday August 1, 2011

First of all. thats so crazy about Brendon's mission call! thats so so sweet that they're going to the same mission, and on the same day! they're going to TEAR IT UP! they're going to have so so much fun. I  want one of my buds to come down here haha. I can hardly believe that. so sick!
well i haven't been sick at all yet. so hopefully that will continue. I've gotten the odd mosquito bite, but more than anything flee bites haha. we think our laundry lady has fleas in her house, but we have been spraying our clothes to kill them, so I'm doing fine now. (I quickly emailed him back while he was still on and told him I would send him flea collars to put on his bed posts at night as I was told this would really help)  haha all right. We do have permetherine spray or something that kills them all too and lasts for 6 weeks. I  haven't been feeling anything since I sprayed that a few weeks ago, entonces no se preacupe.
About the lady that feeds us, yeah she feeds us a pretty good amount, and we can ask her for more usually. Sometimes its not the most delicious food, but it fills me up. oh i want to tell you how to make something thats really good  and quick. Fry tortillas in eggs, like french toast, but with refried beans in it, scrambled eggs, any kind of meat, and we put this cream stuff they have here in them too, its a pretty thick cream, like butter, but i don't know if they have it in Canada.[It's a kind of cheese - NOT available in Canada. Either queso de capas or queso fresco.] They're good.
ummm the walking, my feet haven't really been too sore, but a foot rub would be so nice haha, sometimes i get tired at night, basically every night, but i just gotta fight from yawning in a middle of a lesson haha.
i did get a package this week! the one that was sent on july 11th. with a card from Brendon and Jordan in it, and your primary kids. those two boys made me laugh so hard. I loved getting those cards from them. they'll be getting some back. oh also from saving you from sending stuff i can get here, i can get hand sanitizer, and pencils and stuff. those sharpies sure are nice though! you can't get them here. but I'm sure i have enough of that stuff for a long time haha.
the familia Akjikji, i actually found out you spell it like this -Ajqueyay- well... they didn't come to church this week cuz they had random family show up, so that means we have to push their baptisms back at least a week. they have to come to church at least 3 times before being baptized. Mauro could be getting baptized, but we don't know, he has an interview this week but we aren't sure he is ready.  but unexpectedly an investigator, jorje louis cuevas said he wants to be baptized this week. he has been ready for a long time, but he felt like he needed to know everything before being baptized, so at least we have one coming up. basically he wants to be baptized by my comp and he know that there is a chance that he could be leaving. This is what happened last change to him to, the guy he wanted to baptize him left, so this time hes making sure ha.
My transfer day is in like a week and two days, whatever day thats going to be. and I find out next monday night. Its likely that either me or my companion will be leaving.  I kinda want to stay so I can be here for the baptisms of the familia Aajqueyay. but we will see.
oh also tomorrow for pday we are going to Antigua, a major tourist attraction with lots of markets. I'm hopefully going to buy you somethings and send YOU guys a package.
also those are some nice photos you sent me haha, thank you.
the pictures that i send are... it rained alot one day, so the street was a big puddle. this is nothing compared to some of the streets that have turned into rushing rivers that I've seen and there are a few of me standing by the sugar cane field. the one symbol with my two hands is -B gang bros- the gang me and brendon were in,  haha, that we made, so that picture is for him. you should make sure he sees it and tell him its for him and congrats for his call and thats i'm proud of him and he's going to be so great!
and the other one is i was wearing my rain jacket and i guess that pigment just dripped all over of white shirt, so i was kinda looking like a mess that day. but don't worry, i have another rain jacket thats better.
i still can't believe how brendon and zach are going to be together for 2 years haha. thats so awesome. its gonna be hard to not drive over to Winnipeg to visit them after i get home. they're leaving almost exactly 6 months after i did. I'm for sure going to be at the airport when they get home haha
okay.. i love you all!! thank you for everything! keep it classy.
LOVE elder Hopkins.

Emails with his Sister
first email:
from Madison
Guess what...I'm currently eating a banana that was grown in guatemala! Yay!
Tanner's response: thats crazy! i eat things that were grown in guatemala all the time! we're practically related!
(I miss his sense of humor around the house!)

2nd email  From Madison
Now i am currently drinking a Doctor Pepper that has been in the fridge since before you left, i think its yours. Oh and guess what!! Brendon got his call to WINNIPEG! So i just thought i would tell you that he is super excited which is really good. But i love you and miss you! SO peace, see you in like 21 months! LOVE MADI!

Tanner's response:
THATS CRAZZYYY!! what the heeckkk hahahaha thats tightt that Zach and Brendon are going to the same mission! thats would be so sick hahaa. they're going to have so much fun. that would be nice to have one of my best friends here haha. i even thought of that happening, Brendon getting his call to Winnipeg. hahaha whooo crazy. i hope enjoyed that dr pepper, cuz i was saving it for when i got back! your gonna have to treat me to one.
well i love you alot! stay cool
love elder hopkins

What wearing his rain coat did to his white shirt

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