Monday, August 15, 2011

Week 16: Family baptism and "little interesting facts"

Tanner and the family Ajquejay
 Hello Family!

Well yes im still in villa Canaleles. But Elder Euteneier left to be a zone leader in one of the coastal zones. I received Elder Varela for my new companion, From Honduras. My first Latino Companion. I don't really speak English at all anymore. When i was in the change meeting and I found out I was getting a latino I was like what the heck am I going to do. It was hard the first little bit, but as I put more trust in the Lord things became easier. I think we are going to have a lot of sucess this change. and I'm going to learn ALOT of Spanish. it's going to be hard, but of course worth it in the end.

We baptised the Family Ajquejay this week too! My first family baptism. they were really excited, and so was I. We were a little worried the day before cuz we couldnt find baptismal clothes for Hermana Ajquejay, but this all worked out. Also confirmed Mauro in Sacrement meeting yesterday, which I was a little nervous for cuz I had to do it in front of the whole ward, and in Spanish, of course. but it all went well.

Umm well for the water and snack question, i usually just fill a bottle and bring it with me and then I'm fine for the day, sometimes bring a snack, or buy something at a store as we pass by. not really that interesting haha.
That's awesome about Parker being at the Hockey camp. Of course they are so impressed with him, he's AMAZING. That will be so fun for him to do before his mission.

That's awesome about Madison getting into the EFY talent show! something i never managed to do. I guess we now know where the talent of the family is. I wish i could have been there. Maybe Illl try to be a counselor the summer after i get back, and then Madison would still be young enough to go to haha. Yes that is so crazy that shes turning 16, what happened to my little sister. Also i wanted to ask a favor of her, since were on the subject of Taylor Swift, her singing a Taylor Swift song, and going to her concert this week. I want her to send me a Taylor Swift T-shirt. There's nothing more a missionary could ask for. It would be a nice thing to wear around the house I'm thinkin. ha. i sent her a card like a month ago for her birthday, hopefully it got there.

Oh, the packages. i havnt recieved them, but i should be very soon. Elder Davis told me at the change meeting that he was in the regional office for the missions here and that there were two packages for me there, so those are probably the ones from the ccm. We have interviews in like a week or two so i might get them there, who knows. but i did get some letters this week, which is always awesome!

just some little interesting facts. there was this man wearing a calgary flames hat here, ofcoarse he had no idea what it was.i wish i had my camera at the time to maybe take a picture.
also there this little girl in my ward who was wearing Toms Shoes. so i asked her about them, and she said that some people came to her school and gave all the kids free shoes. so its cool to know that maybe those toms shoes i convinced you to get gave this little girl a pair of shoes. most of the kids here dont really have shoes, or just run around barefoot anyways. buts its cool that the Toms shoe company came to the town where im living right now to do that.

We found this family this week that seem really positive. we were hiding from the rain under some tarp someone had just for a minute and talked to this man, named Mario. got his address and went there yesterday, and greeted us and let us in with excitement. Its kind of fun talking to him because he looks and sounds exactly like Chris Rock. Even though its in Spanish he just sounds the exact same, has the same goatee thing, and just looks like his twin. But I'm excited to keep teaching them.

It rained alot, and hard this week. One day we were walking along a river of a street, already so wet, but to make things even wetter, a big truck drove by, and i was just drenched. luckily we were already on our was back to out little community to eat lunch so i got to change right away.

oh so the pictures i sent you. We went to the house of the familia Ajquejay and made pizza and breadsticks last week. it was really good, they are so kind. there the picture of the t-shirts you made for me and Elder Euteneier, just like you wanted. and the picture of the fam Ajquejay at their baptism.

That's all I got for this week. Love you all so much!
Love Elder Hopkins

Making pizza and breadsticks with the familia Ajquejay
Baptism of the family Ajquejay
No longer companions - wearing matching tees from Tanner's mom

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