Monday, September 5, 2011

Week 19: Prayers are answered.

[In response to his mom and dad's dressing up for the B-52s concert] BAHAHA you guys are so wierd. I didn't dare open those photos here, but I put them on my camera to enjoy later haha. Looks like you had a ton of fun. Oh i bet you are on hundreds of peoples facebooks because of that. That would have been so fun to do haha. Madi's comment is right though, FREAKS hahaha, but i love it.
Still haven't gotten flea collars, but I'll be sure to listen to your advice. I dont want to be sterile. or have rashes for that matter. I've heard of misisonaries here buying flea collars and putting them on their bedposts, there just isnt anywhere i can buy them in my area. only at the torreg, which is a store owned by walmart. but I did get some mail this week! Whoooo haha, and I got a few letter from girls! real live girls! haha I just got them this morning at district meeting, so I still haven't opened them yet. Oh also me and my companion put on a workshop for our district about extending commitments this morning, thought maybe you would like to know that, it went well, the zone leaders were there too, they said it went really good.
Any new investigators you ask? Well 20 last week, and 15 this week. but most of them don't show alot of progress. a new investigator just means someone who you have had one lesson with, and a return appointment that is set. According to the data that's what it is, but some of those new investigators are showing a lot of interest and progress.

I email in this little internet cafe that is in town. Nothing like the internet cafes in North America, but they do have computers that work so that's all we can ask for. How I print the photos is I put the photos on my camera and then take them to quick photo, just a place that prints photos, quickly. and that's how I do it. I could print them here, just on paper, but I like the real photos better. I have a member card for there that will save me money within these next two years, cuz whenever I baptise someone, I print a photo of us at their baptism, put it in a frame I buy there too, and write a note on the back. a nice little keepsake.
and I'm not in the mission office, or home, never been to the mission home yet, and the office is just where the office missionaries and president work all day. just an office, but I've been there for a few workshops when I was being trained.

That sucks about the missionaries being sent home for health problems, better than being sent home for another reason, but sucky still. at least they proved to be good missionarys and I guess they did enough work that the Lord allowed them to get sick and injuured? Bah, I dont know. I sure hope it doesn't happen to me.

Hmmmmm so what to tell you.....
Well The family Hernandez is still showing progress, they are doing good. He has been trying to quit smoking, and we've been praying for the Lord to help him with that, then BOOM, he gets a mouth infection and can't smoke. hallelujah! the Lord does answer prayers, sometimes in strange ways, but he hasn't smoked this week, so it's been awesome! They just are having trouble with the marriage things, the wife is from El Salvador, so she needs to get her papers from there, she needs to get in contact with her mom to do that, but the thing is they've got no money. hmmmmm. we are continuing to work with them with this problem, they want to be baptised and everything, but they said they need to work slow with the marriage things, we watched Together Forever with them, or rather, Juntos Para Siempre, and it gave them more of a desire to move forward with the marriage things. so we'll see what happens.

Also we ended up meeting with their family, basically cuz we asked to, and they are all really positive too, and all came to church yesterday. we had a family home evening with them at a members house this week and watched The Restoration. one of them is a little crazy, but none the less, after the movie he was like, wow! i never knew about this, the mormon church really is the only true church on the earth. also one lady, who is completely sane told us that she never thought about why there's so many churches in the world today, and that really only one can be true. We are continuing to work with them too. It really shows that all the principles in Preach My Gospel are inspired and true, and if you follow them, like asking for references from everyone, blessings will come. well, that's all from me this week.
Did madi pass her drivers exam??? Is she in school now? What classes is she taking? Is sam going to school again now? Is his beard still going strong? I hope so ha. Give a big kiss to ricky for me. I miss nice clean dogs. The dogs here all they do is chase the female dogs and do their little thing with them. Sometimes we throw rocks at them haha. but don't worry, we aren't being mean.
ha anyways my time is up.
Elder Hopkins

Here's some photos for the week. some flea bites I woke up with, a corny picture of me, over looking my area, the photo of sam I printed HA, and we have a contact named AMANDA RUIZ that we received, still haven't contacted her yet though, we'll see if it's really her ha.

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  1. hope you are having a great time. with minimal bad days =P fleas can be fun! just start naming them =D like family. family away from your real family. anywhoo, miss you. DO GOOD WORK!