Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pictures from the Provo MTC

Writing letters while waiting for laundry

Just a cool tree at the MTC

My District (50-B), except the guy with no suit jacket.  I really don't know why he's in this picture!

There IS "some" Dr. Pepper here.  But its Caffeine free (dumb) - haven't actually gotten one yet.

Light Sabre (these crayons don't work too good for this) (they put a pencil crayon right in front of the camera at the right place and the flash makes it look lit up to make it look like you are holding a light sabre

Old MTC trick - Laying on the ironing board and pencil crayon for light sabre. (he could have remembered to move the iron!)

An old MTC trick - too bad the light sabre (crayon) isn't lined up right  - on an ironing board, pencil crayon held and lit up by the flash to look like a light sabre.

Light Sabre fight

blazing power in my room

My Desk in my room

The "T.A.L.L." lab (technology assisted language learning) It usually puts me right to sleep!

With Tyler Henry

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