Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Week 2: Second P-day email from Provo MTC

May 10, 2011

(after sending short emails to everyone else in the family and nothing for his mom as she waited....)

Hey sorry i just went on to read your email then i went off to write out by hand what i will say and then type it back on here so i dont have to think what to write.

Hey Familia!
so i have been getting your dear elders, which is fantastic. and i did recieve my packages. thanks so much. im drinkin the dr p right now! ummm you wanted to know what friends wrote me. a girl named Melanie did the first day i was here, and also Laura Payne did the other day. its been good.

So here's my travel informations. i leave the MTC at like 5:00 ish on Tuesday the 17. my flight number is 814, Delta. it leaves SLC at 8:10. Then i hop off a plane at LAX with my dream and my cardigan at 9:10 ( there's a time difference here i think.) then i catch delta flight 457 to Guatemala city at 12:35 AM 18 of May. then i arrive in Guatemala at 6:10 AM. So I'll try to call you at SLC and LAX but who knows how much time I'll have at SLC so I'll just call you whenever i can.

Last letter i said Elder Bednar was speaking to us, i lied. it was just a rumor i guess. it ended up being someone from the 2nd quorum of the 70, i forget his name. i guess they never know who's going to be speaking because assignments can change so fast for all of the authorities. so i have no idea who's speaking to us tonight at the devotional.

We've been teaching in Spanish this week, and by that i mean my companion tries to teach them some things while i just sit there in silence trying to figure out what they're talking about. i guess my companion is half mexican, even though he looks pure white, so he already knows a little bit of spanish. My memory is so bad i can't remember half of the words that i learn, but i guess i will one day. me and him get along pretty good, not bffs or anything, but we get along, i sent two letters home, one with some pictures, let me know if you get them. I'm going to send another one home before i leave Provo with some more pictures.

i found a little Christmas tree in our building so i put it up in our room, it's pretty sweet. adds some nice flare to my room. oh also in one of the letters i sent i sounded pretty negative, but don't worry about it, i was just having a tough day. I've been better lately. there are five elders traveling with us and 3 sisters to Guatemala. i can't wait to land in L.A. and get some Mcdonalds or something though, LA will be good for me.

well i have ten seconds left before this shuts down. love ya bye!!

(NOTE:  It's pretty clear that using the email  <ldsmail> to write means that Tanner spends some of the limited time he has on the computer reading our letters rather than writing.  Using the alternate <dearelder> system means he gets a printed letter and can use his computer time to answer rather than write.  Just something to consider.)

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