Monday, May 16, 2011

Photos and a short note

At the Provo Temple for the first time
Hey Mama and Familia,

I just wanted to send a little note along with the pictures.  I shouldn't really be writing though because its not a p-day, but it is my personal time.
Spanish is so hard and sometimes I get so down and frustrated and some times I feel good about it.  My days can sometimes be like a rollercoaster.
I have seen Tyler Henry quite a few times and have had a chance to talk to him.  I'm glad because the first few days are so tough.  I'm excited to go out into the actual mission field and to know Spanish.  I think Sam Turner could be right about the MTC. Also there's a guy going to the same mission as Sam Turner in my zone that reminds me of him.  Kinda funny.  Anyways its time for me to go to bed  Also, can you get Madi to give this get well card to Katie Ann for me.  That sucks about her leg.  Love you all and tell Madi she could rep [represent] the brother on a mission car thing quite well.* ha ha

Buenos Nochas. Amo vstedes.

* This is referring to a "Baby on Board" type sign that Tanner sent Madi from the MTC.  It says "Big Brother on a Mission".

I thought I was getting out of the snow!
They don't have this pop in Canada anymore, but they have it in the MTC!
Just chillin in the sun.  There's a lot of nice flowers everywhere here.
This is my companion, Elder Davis from QueenCreek, Arizona. He hadn't put on a tie yet.

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