Saturday, May 7, 2011

Week 1: First P-day Letter Home

May 3, 2011

Heyheyy im just sitting in the laundry room right now waiting for my clothes to be clean. I opened the dr pepper in here, and it exploded everywhere haha. but i cleaned it up and i still have most of it to enjoy. i spotted some caffiene free dr pepper in the bookstore, so thats good. the first 3/4 days were really hard, i was like what the heck am i doing, i dont know if ill be able to do this for two years, but its better now. i get up at 6:25 every morning to shower, and i have like 6 hours of class instruction a day, and hour of gym, personal study, companioon study, and things like that. theres not really any scheduled breaks, but sometimes during our study its just too much so we hacve to take a break. spanish is pretty tough, but i have to remember ive only been learning it for like 5 days. i can bear a simple testimony, simple prayer, and say some thins in spanish. its really different cuz each verb and word can be changed so many different ways for different situations. its hard to get used to, but you just have to think different. im excited for tyler henry to come into the mtc tomorrow. i will for sure see him. i hope hes in my branch cuz right now its really small and more missionaries are leaving soon. i heard osama binladen was killed. news got out and it spread around the mtc pretty fast. they say that they put his body in the sea so i keep bugging the americans that hes really still alive, cuz they dont have his body. im the only canadian, non american in fact, in my zone. i was surprised that there isnt very many canadians here. but i met a guy from calgary that recognized me from the south,i didnt recognize him. a guy from raymond that knows all my raymond friends, and a girl from cardston. thats all that ive met so far. the mtc food is actually pretty good most of the time. alot of fresh strawberries cantelope and honeydew melon. the first thing i ate here was a bown of cereal for dinner on wednesday, along with mashed potatoes steak and beans. the breakfast this morning thought was deep fried french toast sticks. they even tasted super unhealthy. there is no way i wont gain weight here, unless i watch what i eat, which i wont. i havnt weighed myself yet, but i will sometimes soon.
thats crasy about the tornadoes in alabama. im glad kris is safe, you should send me his address so i can write him, i forgot to get it when i was at home. also you need to send me a picture of my family. i dont have any picturs of you guys. i was able to pritout some of the pictures from my banff trip, those are really nice to have. its super nice to get letters here, i now know that they are gold to missionaries. we live for them. and pictures of our friends.  we watched the testiment on sunday, about 1000 missionaries in the big multi purpose room. people would laugh so much at the stupediest things, and when the character jacod would kiss the girl of anything like that people would cheer and wistle and things like that, it was so funny. i forgot to bring my camera to the laundry room to send you some pictures, and i just looked and i dont even know how i would on this computer, but ill print some off this week and send them to you. we only get a half hour on internet time and i only have like ten minutes left anyways. i better go read the other emails i have. also tell parker that i smell so good because of him. haha. i love you and ill talk to you next week i guess. tell everyone back home that i love them.

love you,
Elder Hopkins

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