Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Week 5: Still in the Guatemala MTC: Eating ants and speaking Spanish


This week has been pretty sweet. yeah i feel safe walking up to the Temple. There's armed guards that watch us to make sure nothing happens haha. I'm out of the MTC picking up garbage once a week for service and we have to walk up to near the Temple for church every week. The other day during service there were a bunch of these huge ants, like at least an inch long and really thick. Some people eat them for a delicacy, so a bunch of the older North American group caught a whole bunch of them, they had them fried up in the kitchen, and we ate them. they weren't too bad actually. ummmm.

Also yesterday we got to take one of the city buses to a plaza where we went proselyting. it was pretty cool. it was so unreal seeing some of the sights on the way. there was one area that was just like hundreds and hundreds of little shacks built on a hill. it was crazy. anyways, there were goats running around the plaza too. me and a latino companion got three references, handed out like 4 pamphlets and a book of mormon. it was a cool experience. it made me want to know spanish even more so i could understand them more fully and be able to talk a little more. although i taught these two people basically on my own, gave them a pamphlet, and got the number and address so they can learn more. the weather has been good. not too hot most of the time, rainy at other times. I'm starting to get more used to the food and have been feeling better. Me and elder Moon are getting along.

umm if your sending a package do you want to send me some more black socks, not the really thin ones, the thicker kinds, and a little pack of whiteboard markers. i use the outside of one of my binders for a whiteboard so i dont have to waste paper on just practicing spanish. and some dr pepper. I've heard rumors that there is dr pepper here, cuz some of the other north americans have asked about it. so thats good.

also i get dear elder letters on wednesday nights. i received one last wednesday and hopefully i will tonight as well. i received the letter from grandma with the Praise to the Man program, it took a little less that 2 weeks to get here. Oh man i bet Parkers party is going to be so fun. Yes i better be receiving pictures of all of my friends at grad haha. It was so fun when Jordan had her grad party. i wish i could be there! ha. tell all my friends there that i say hello and good job on graduating and that i love them. I'm going to go ahead and send this now cuz if your on the computer i have ten minutes left on my internet time. LOVE YOU ALL!!

hey heyy. also i wanted to tell you last night a general authority came and spoke to us, i forget his name. also one of the guys in my district in Provo i found out used to be a taongan crypt. one of the biggest gangs out there, and shot at a guy. pretty crazy haha but he was sweet. He changed his ways and is pretty cool.

love tanner


We (Tanner and his mom) were able to chat online line for a bit today before his email time ran out:
He wishes he had longer on the computer so he could send pictures as well, but there is no time for that until he is out of the MTC when he will have 60 mins computer time each week instead of 30 mins.

Mom - How is your spanish coming along:
Tanner - its coming. i just need to increase my vocabulary and get better at identifying the conjugation when i hear spanish and of course get a little better at grammar

When talking about his friends Graduating right now: Tanner - “I can't believe I'm missing all these fiestas! the best fiestas i get are siesta fiestas. I'm so tired everyday all the time. but I'll just have to get used to it”

Tanner (talking to his mom) “I had a dream the other night that i was shopping with you and you bought a big gun and so many shot gun shells.” (hmmm I wonder why he would dream that, maybe he knows I'm worried for his safety ???, but I'm not overly worried)

Mom - I had a dream last night that I heard you playing guitar and went in your room and you were there!  I hope you don't lose your skills too much while being away. And I'm anxious for pictures of you IN Guatemala
Tanner - yeah i hope i don't lose it too. yeahh i wanna show you some pictures! i will when I'm out of the MTC here. also my time is running out! bye love you!! nice talking to you!!

Email to his Grandma Rhodes:

yess already a month. its crazy. im some ways it seems like i still have so long, but in someways so short. i still have 2 christmas's to go, but i only have 1 more mothers day to go.

Arent you lucky going to phoenix for a month. that will be awesome. nice and relaxing. something i dont get to do, basically at all. anyways i love you! read the letter i sent mom! i recieved your snail mail of praise to the man! thank you for that! it was good to read. LOVE YOU!

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