Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Week 3: Letter on the day of departure to the Guatemala MTC

Si, i already did send a letter to the Leavitts, along with one to Parker, he did write me. and i did write a letter for Caroline and the Bancrofts. i dont really have too much stuff to send to you, but just a little box full. my bags are overweight, but i made it so one bag was overweight, and the other one isnt. one bag is 49 pounds and the other is 69 pounds. this way im only going to have to pay for one overweight bag, but the letter we got said it will cost $150 for one overweight bag. its worth it to have stuff i wont be able to get down there for two years though, thats how im looking at it. just remember to pay my credit card bills.

just passed tyler henry on my way over to the main building, said what will probably be our last goodbyes for 2 years. i gave him the stamps i wasnt using too. if you ever hear of parker getting his letter from me you should ask him about the funny story i told him, i don't want to have to type the whole thing out on here, but maybe i can just tell you when we talk on the phone this evening. im really glad im getting to go to the Guatemalas mtc because its going to force me to speak spanish ALL the time. here in Provo i can just switch back to english when class is done but i wont be able to there. it will be hard at first but i will learn it so much faster.

ummmm i dont really even know what to say on here since im going to be talking to you tonight. My schedule today has pretty much been laundry then packing, along with writing letters. i dont really have anything to do until i leave at 4:30. just study i guess. im drinking a nice cold dr pepper right now as well, as i have every time ive emailed so far. i sent you another letter with letters in it earlier this week too, so hopefully you will get them soon. i hope i can print out photos in Guatemala, or at least send them to you as an attachment. too bad my dear elder letters are going to be coming to an end. ive loved getting a letter almost every day, but i will just love the letters i get even more in Guatemala. also that reminds me, i dont know if ive told you this or not but dont give out my lds email account to anyone. its only suppossed to be family members emailing you. its a mission rule. plus as ive said before, hand written letters with pictures and things are way way better.

you know that elder who was serving in our ward who was from edmonton? elder attey or something, i forget. i met his brother here in the mtc though, kinda funny. it has been a nice week, for gym we have been going and playing beach volleyball. i wanted to have a pina colada sobe and just drink it as i sat on the sand cuz it was so nice but unfortunately it never happened, but a guy can dream. oh yes i remembered what else i can tell you. things seem like they happened so long ago but its only been a week. its wierd cuz the weeks fly by so fast but it also seems like forever ago. but anyways, Elder Neil L. Anderson spoke to us last tuesday night for the devotional. i was able to shake his hand after as well. it was pretty cool.

i got your package with all those letters and everything this week as well. thank you for that. and thank you Madi for that stuff. Katianne's leg looked like it hurt so bad! i have pictures of my friends on my wall and these two guys call katianne and jocelyn their girls, they want to write them haha. i might just have to give them their addresses before i leave. I cant believe im already leaving Provo. like i said it kinds seems like ive been here forever, but it also flew by in the blink of an eye. its going to be so sweet in Guatemala.

I dont know what else to say, so im going to leave you with a song.
(to be sung to the beat of Black and Yellow) [this will link you to the song]
Mmmmm... Uhh huh... sabé (lo) Que Somos
Misiónaros Misiónaros Misiónaros Misiónaros

Mmmmm... Uhh huh... sabé (lo) Que Somos
Misiónaros Misiónaros Misiónaros Misiónaros

Amor Ustedes, Familia!
Cant wait to talk to you later this evening. Take Care. God Bless, God Speed.
Elder Hopkins
ps thank grandma and the hopkins for sending me letters, i didn't have time to write them

Tanner and friend Tyler at the MTC - from Elder Tyler Henry's blog (link on right)

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