Sunday, March 10, 2013

Many members stay warm in bed instead of coming to church

March 5, 2013

hey fammmmm.
Not tooo much is knew here, just finished giving a zone training about the book of mormon, it went well, we've got a good zone, and there's energy and excitement in it. 

This week was tough cuz we had tons of meeting and we were doing divisions with the zone, so its was a little tough number wise, we didn't have the stats that we wanted, until the weekend. wow, the weekend was soo good! in two days we did what a lot of time is done in one week. we were really blessed.

Church attendance wasn't so hot though, only 2 came from our area, and let me tell you why, its cuz when its cold out, guatemalans do not get out of bed! It was quite chilly here on sunday morning. we had tons of people telling us that they wold come, and we left the house at 6:40 am to go pass by for them all, but we had no luck. but next week will be better.

Also the family that we found, the one i told you about when there was the shooting, yea, they are super super positive. I'm almost sure that they will be baptized, but maybe in like a month, cuz the lady works every second sunday, so we gotta get that resolved and then she has to come at least 3 times before being baptized.

That's so good to here that Parker is being blessed with baptisms in Mother Russia. God Bless him.

and yeah, telling me that dad had knee deep powder at lake louise does make me a little jealous and baggy, but don't you worry, I'll be back in no time, but I'll come back to summer.
haha, me and elder Jaramillo are so baggy together, we're both almost done and we like a lot of the same things, but its all good , and long as we keep working its alright to be baggy every once in a while.

Thats cool that madi got invited to go to victoria island. I lost track of where the Carters were, I thought they might be on a boat in the middle of the Indian sea or something, but cool. so is she going to go to victoria? i would think that would be sick.

and wow, putting a blender in the terms of dollars instead of quetzales makes it seem a lot cheaper. that's like how much someone makes in 2 hours of work, not what someone makes it a whole week and a half, like it is here.

well, we have a lot of really positive investigators, but still none with set baptismal dates, but they will come, we are praying. actually there's a super pilas lady named Leti that just needs to get married, but she should be getting all the papers this week, so that will be a quick one.

i don't know what else to say, i feel like this week has gone by really fast, i haven't taken any more pictures yet, which i will so don't worry.

This week we caught a small lizard and made  habitat for it is a dish, covered it with plastic and poked holes it in so it had air, but i thought lizards needed lots of sun, so i left it in the sun, and we came home to a shrivelled up lizard lying dead on its back. oh well, straight to the reino celestial.

I went to President Broughs house for the first time the other day, it was cool, we had a zone leader counsel there, he had alot of chocolate that we ate, and cheesecake.
heyy, thats something you gotta make me after the mish too, your homemade cheesecake, soo good!
cuz i remember one time we were in costco i think, and i wanted to buy cheesecake, but then you said that you would just make your cheesecake, but i don't think you ever did, so you owe me! haha

heyyy, you guys need to look on the internet about cool stuff and cool places to go here in Guatemala, and tell me about some stuff you want to do, so we can all have it planned, there a member who lives in front of me that knows a lot about tourism and is starting his tourism company and he could help us out, but i don't know if theres anything you would want to do.

and look us Santa Terisita spa, Guatemala, on google, its a cool tourist spa that's actually in my area, if only i could do that kinda stuff right now, but i just thought that that might be interesting to you to know.

well, im hungry, so im gonna go eat.
From Guatemala, with Love,
Elder Hopkinsss xoxo

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