Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Lord protects his Servants! We were blessed!

February 26, 2013

Hey fammmm.

yeahhh we had a meeting about the mission splits, so we knew about it before it was officially announced. also the stuff about the pope and the meteoroids i knew about too haha, i think the meteoroids from another missionary, and the pope thing was being talked about everywhere, but yeah, crazzy hey.  Thomas is the man, he would never give it up for health problems.

well this week was great, tons of lessons, alot of new, we have tons of investigators right now that are showing alot of interest, we just gotta put some fechas with them and get them baptized, thats our focus in the zone this week. we gotta complete the goals for march and april, 204 confirmations in each month. Today we're starting a program of 2 day divisions with the rest of the missionaries in the zone, its going to be weird, cuz for most of the week, for like 4 weeks, we wont be together in our area. we'll see how it goes.

so i was talking to a member who works in tourism, and he was telling me that from the capital we can take a little plane up to coban in the morning, see all the ruins and things, eat lunch and stuff, and then get back at like 600 at night. he said that its 350 dollars a person, but just look into it you guys, see if that something that you want to do, go see the biggest ruins in Guatemala, I've heard that its really cool, but i donno.

also to answer your question, both my comps grandmas are mexican or something, so he has a little mexican in him. he studies a little spanish before the mission, but not much, but he speaks really well.

I hope sams interview goes well, I'm sure it will.
i hope madis talk goes well, and i hope she's doing well in the gospel, doing things that will help her progress.

When I think of the really special experiences I've had while in the Mission, I think of the one where the Lord provided a way for us to get home on time when 10 seconds to spare, a taxi shows up with the member driver who just had surgery on his foot and wasn't supposed to be driving, also, the one about the "M" kids, when I was in san andres itzapa, about the power of fasting.
The story of Barnie, just the way that the gospel can completely turn around someones life.

The other day something kind of cool happened.  We were working and we stopped near an intersection to think for like 5 minutes maybe, about who we could visit.   We then decided we would walk up this one street and we found a family that was really positive, and we taught them. During the lesson we hear something that sounded like firecrackers right, well, it was gunshots.  We finished a really good lesson, and leave. We turn the corner and right where were were previously standing, there were ambulances police officers, army men, and a huge crowd of people.  Someone had shot someone standing right where we were standing shortly before.   I know that the lord protects his servants, if we are obedient we have that promise. you don’t ever have to worry about me, the Lord has my back.

oh, what i really want you to send me, if we still have it. is the magic bullet. That little blender thing where you just have the little cups that fit on the tin base. that would be awesome. were starting to work out and drink protein shakes, so it would me nice to add fruit in there or something. i think its hidden away in the cupboards in the laundry room.
if we don’t have it anymore, don't worry, i can find a cheap blender here probably. let me know!
i bought protein, so if you take my debit money to pay off my credit card bill por favor.
Also if you could send me a little bit of lotion, like banana boat, just in a smaller container, i don't need a whole bottle. thanks!

oh yeah, this area is cool, we're on, or near by to the base of volcan pacaya, a very active volcano, the one that erupted before i got to guate. well, there's a river in my area, its so dirty, but on the other side of it, all the water that comes out of the taps and faucets is really hot, just from the volcano, its cool. there's also a big natural spa here that alot of tourists go to, too bad i cant go ha.

also i went to walmart yesterday, i felt like i was in the USA, its all the same stuff, it was cool. didnt buy too much though cuz its all pretty expensive, and i have food already ha. i had to go to the immigration office yesterday to sign a paper, so we had to get up at like 4 40 in the morning it sucked.

well, i havent really taken any pictures this week, so im not sending any today, sorryy.

well, all is good in Amatitlán, time is ticking, and there's lots of work to do in the short time that I'm left with.
Stay classy, stay on the path.
Love eternally, From Guatemala,
Elder Hopkins.

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