Friday, March 29, 2013

The Holy Week, turns into the Least Holy Week

It's semana Santa! A lot of processions carrying idols

Some fun with chalk in our house

a big pollo campero chicken

A nice restaurant I will take you to

this is a tree called a ceiba, they are huge!
March 26, 2013

Hey Famm.

thanks for all the pictures, i always love them.
this week was a good week, we put some more fechas, and got a great weekend lined up, really the next 3 weekends should be great.

We took Jorge to a baptismal service, and he brought his mom and niece. we basically challenged the niece to be baptized in the service, and she said yes. the next day in primary she had an awesome time. her name is Martina and is 9, she says she wants to be baptized now. also Jorge's mom wants to be baptized, but we're still working on that, cuz shes attending a different church on thursdays because they pay for her grandaughters schooling, and they them to,  also she works on sunday so she leaves sacrament meeting right after the sacrament to get to work on time. but we'll be focusing more on her after these next baptisms.

also we have investigators named Luis & Marisol and they are on track for baptism, it should happen soon. Marisol brought her niece to church too, and she absolutely loved it, she telling everybody that she going to be going to the mormon church now. its great cuz now we can open up to her family and teach them all.

This last week i saw a group of canadians, from vancouver. its always funny talking to people from other churches that come down here for one week after graduation mission trips. they always are shocked that we walk all over the place alone, and their spanish is always very minimal. it makes us feel pretty cool haha.

So this week is the semana santa, all week long of vacations, and all week long of processions, of people carrying idols through the streets, and putting idols outside their houses. also lots of drunks and other sins as well. its sad how the ´holy week´ turns into the least holy week there is.

This next wednesday are changes, or ´tomorrow in 8´as they say here. april 3. My companion is for sure leaving, and im going to be getting a new comp, a latino i think, which is good, it will help me to stay more focused.

Today we are having a missionary activity throughout the stake, in which we are going to watch the movie, 17 miracles. it should be fantastic, we have a lot of investigators that are going to come. and this movie is going to touch their hearts.

about the emailing my friends thing, im not allowed to respond to any yet, until we discuss the subject in zone leader council this thursday, so hopefully next week i'll be able to respond to them.

thats sweet that dads going skiing, again. ha, ill be there for opening day next year!

Me and my comp saw the new iphone 5 the other day, it looks sooooo sweet, i cant wait to have technology in my hands again ha.

i finished the book of mormon today in english, so that was cool, yeah i'd say its true!

well, i don't really know what else to write. i ate a cotton candy flavoured ice cream cone yesterday, that was sweet too.

oh, we have an investigator named Lety that needs to be married before baptized, but cant get married until the 6th of april, so what she did to be able to be baptized sooner was that she moved out of her own house and shes going to live with her aunt until she gets married. now thats commitment. so she'll be baptized on saturday. along with Jorge and his niece.

well. i think thats it.

from guatemala, with love,
Elder Hopkins xoxo

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