Wednesday, March 20, 2013

All is Well in Amatitlan

Me and My Comp at Lake Amatitlan, the lake in our area, its super dirty though, no one swims in it

My birthday - me and my comp eating my cake at our cocineras house
some wood I chopped and the house in the background, yes that's a house, its where some recent converts live
me and an old man, with his hat and his cane. he's 87 but always so positive and happy, it was his birthday on sunday., he's a recent convert.

me at the area offices with some elders

me and the bus we hired when we went to Antigua, I was collecting all the money

 March 19, 2013
Hey fammm.

All is well in Amatitlán. This past week was really good. A lot of miracles happening. That man named "J" has made a lot of progress. I attached my journal entry about it, so i wont mention tons of it here. also we found a lot of really positive new investigators this week, who came to church also. awesome.
My birthday was good, my comp bought a cake, it was delicious, but i didn't really tell anyone about my birthday, it was just nice to work in the Lords vineyard without making a deal out of MY birthday. but yeah, good week.

The rumor is true, i can write, and anybody can write me emails now, to
I will gladly accept emails that anybody desires to write me. I'll even try to write back too! but land mail is always the best obviously. (I wouldn't mail anything past April 5, he will be home before it gets to him)

I'm safe, and well, I still have my camera, it didnt get stolen. don't you worry, but this week I got tons of pictures for you. enjoy.

Well that's a surprise that kati anne is leaving so soon on a mission, I can not say that that sucs, cuz that's so awesome that shes going to go out and serve the Lord, but i will miss seeing her when i get home. i guess 3.5 years isn't that long for not seeing an old friend ha but yeah, tell her i say congrats! and go baptize all of Mississippi!

I actually did write madison a card yesterday! but I didn't have time to send it off, but next monday it will be in the mail, we'll see what gets to Canada first, the card, or me.

Life is weird for both me and my comp right now. We're both super excited and super sad that we end the mission soooo soon.
Sometimes in the morning when I'm soo tired getting out of bed I think, how am I going to do this for another long day, but in the afternoon, after being with the people, seeing miracles, I don't want it to ever stop.
I had a dream that I came home, and there was a song on the radio, an english version of a spanish song that I really like, and I was like, what is this garbage!! and I was really sad and then I just missed Guatemala and started to cry in the dream. 
I have never once cried for missing home, or even when I left Canada I didn't cry, but I think the first real time I cry is when I get on that plane and leave this amazing country.  maybe i can get the mish extended even longer? haha.

well I dint know what else to write, I'm just thinking about how I'm super hungry right now. I'm on divisions with some elders in the zone so I hope that their cocinera makes good food, and a lot of it ha. if not, I can always fill up on tortillas.

thanks for sending me pictures!!! I loved them!
Well, send me more pictures next week, I am starting my one hundredth week this week. crazy.

From Guatemala, with Love, 
Elder Hopkins
Journal Entry:
March 12, 2013
Today was an amazing day!  We witnessed the miracle of a child of God receive the confirmation that this Church is true.  "JS", used to be a huge drinker.  He was evangelical, but a year ago he started drinking and he was basically always drunk.  A few weeks ago, he drank too much, was intoxicated and nearly died.  But now he cannot stand the taste or smell of Alcohol.  We started teaching him, he was willing to listen, but really didn't seem that positive.  We somehow touched his heart and convinced him to come to church.  We passed by at 7:30 am and he was all ready.  At church he was quiet, and stayed for all 3 hours.  We went back today, Tuesday, and watched the hour long video about Joseph Smith.  He got all ready, changed into Sunday clothes and had a note pad and took notes.  After the video he shared his thoughts.  He said that he loved church, he was inspired and started to study the Book of Mormon and to pray.  He wrote a journal of the things he felt.  He said he was asking God for a sign, to know if the church is true.  He asked that his 4 kids, that didn't visit him in a year, would come to visit them.  The next day they did.  He asked for another sign, He had no food but asked that he could eat his favorite food and the next day, God provided it.  Afterwards he felt bad for tempting God by asking for signs but that he has no doubt that this is the true church (I think God really wants him to be baptized from the signs that he gave him).  We then talked and I was going to challenge him to be baptized on the 24th, but as I said it, the words wouldn't come out, and I had to say on the 30th.  It was the strongest experience.  But he said that he is completely willing to be baptized on the 30th, as that is a date that we had mentioned before.  
In the short time that I've known this man, he has changed drastically.  He also wants to go help out with a service project this Saturday with the ward members.  I guess that sometimes you do have to hit rock bottom before coming to the surface.  This is God's work. 

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