Thursday, March 14, 2013

I'm content

My new area

March 12, 2013

Hey Famillyyyy

Thanks for all your wonderful emails always, and thank you for all the great pictures!
This week has been good, I'm content, we don't have any for sure baptismal dates that we've reported, but we have a lot of goals.

There's this one investigator named “J” that used to be a huge drunk, in fact, he drank so much a short time ago that he almost died, but what a great blessing in disguise, because he now cannot stand the taste or smell of alcohol. So he's stopped drinking, and he was listening to us, he wasn't that positive at first, but then we got him to church on Sunday, and yesterday we visited him and he absolutely loved it, it made him want to read a bunch of the book of mormon. He even started to write down all his feeling about God, like a journal, and he wants to go to a service project to help build a roof this saturday, he suddenly got super pilas! it was a great blessing.

The other family, “L & M” , “M” had to work, but “L” came to church, and he loved it as well, he's really positive. The two actually are just boyfriend/girlfriend, and live in separate houses, but they are almost always together during the day.

Yesterday we went to Antigua and I found some cool things that I got, we'll for sure hit up the market there when you're here.

To answer your questions, I do have a cook, and a laundry lady, haven’t gotten a blender cuz i just use Elder Jaramillos, but next change when he's not here, I'll probably get one.

I'm proud that Madi could give a good talk, great job! I really hope that she can make an extra effort and graduate seminary, I'd be really proud of her. And just a reminder, that beige jacket that shes wearing in the picture you sent me, yeahhh... im gonna want that back in 2 months. gracias. haha.

I never knew that my shelf had been falling down, I thought I did a good job putting that up. that sucks.

that's dope that costa vida is in canada now. Its true that one receives blessings from serving a mission.

well, what else to tell you, all is well in sión.

From Guatemala, with love,
Elder Hopkins xoxo

Madi says:

Happy Birthday, I can't believe you're 21 already, my little boy is growing up!!

Love Madi

Tanner's response:
madi your such a goof, thank you, love you!!
Thank you mom and dad for the birthday wishes!! i sure love you guys, and I'm glad that I'm your son.
see you soon!

Elder Hopkisito

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