Wednesday, December 12, 2012

This week: Most lessons taught, most people at church and most investigators found for my Area

A cold foggy night in Guatemala

December 10, 2012

hello family,

This week was great actually, we were able to teach the most amount of lesson that I have taught in the area, have the most people at church that I've had in this area, and reach my record for new investigators that I've found in this area.

We foud a really poor cowboyish family, the man buys and sells livestock. but they actually came to church on thier own after the first time that we visited them. actually, the day before we found their son in law, and taught him, and we asked him for a reference, then the next day we found a family fom the reference, and then we asked this family for a reference as well, and right after we found another family from this reference, and then we asked them for a reference as well, but the referene they gave us wasn't home, so we'll go try to find them another day.  It was just a great chain of references. It was great.

Also the Family "G", they are great, they're doing really good, they brought 2 friends to church on sunday, and they arent even baptized yet. awesome. They are not even members yet but their doing better missionary work than most of the members. We're going to baptize the 4 of them once her son gets back from Christmas vacations with his dad.

Pablo, is doing good, we are going to baptise and confirm him this weekend. He's already read the whole book of mormon, and reads it every night for a half hour. 

Diego and Melvin, 2 kids, are still coming to church, they've come like 4 times already, we're going to baptize them on the 30th, we want to take it slower with them, because thier parents don't come to church, and we want to make sure that they'll stay active.

This week I did some baptism interviews in a little town called Comalapa, out in the middle of nowhere. when you walk down the streets there, you dont hear spanish, you hear katchiquel. Spanish is just the second language. In one of the interviews, I had a translator present because the lady was more comfortable speaking katchiquel, but she only needed a few things translated. It was kinda cool. I love the native people.

Oh yeah, so I did get a suit made, a 3 piece suit, with a vest, I got it a little while ago, it has the guatemalas flag embroidered on the inside, its really cool, maybe one day I'll send a  picture of it haha. I want to get another one made, and put corte inside, the native cloth. its gonna be cool. 

So the pictures i sent are me and the other elders in the district out in this little town of Comalapa, at the chapel. Just me and a book of mormon, and one night it was really cold and foggy, so I got a cool picture of that.

Tomorrow is the Chistmas activity, we have to leave at 2:45 in the morning, yes, at 2:45, to be in the temple at like 5:30 6 ish, we live kinda far away haha. The elders from Comalapa, Elder Tanner,and Elder Mcmillan are going to sleep over at our house tonight, it should be fun. I did divisions with Elder Mcmillan on wednesday and we had a good time.

Thats so funny that Guatamala is only a little bit further than Halifax haha, even though Tyler is going to Halifax on his mission, and its in Canada,  he is going to a far away place haha. I  love that guy. I can't wait to reunite with him one day.

I did get that preach my gospel in the mail, thank you for it, i appreciate it, the only this is.... that I dont ever study anything in english anymore haha. in fact I left my big english preach my gospel in some old area cuz i never used it haha. but thank you for the thought.
I really don't need any thing in the mail right now, i think I'm all good. I satisfy my hunger cravings with tortillas beans and eggs, or platano frito now. and I'm all good with everything else, just save your money and give it to me to buy cool things in Antigua or Panajachel for you.

yeah, the buses are pretty crazy here, i think the mixture of  the stuffiness, and occasional very bad smelling guatemalan, with the sharp fast turns, and starts and stops, get me feeling sick every once and a while, other times I'm perfectly fine. Maybe when you're down here we'll get on a bus so you can experience it haha.

So the Christmas call will be on the 25th, I will write you with the phone number on the 24th, thats what I've  been told to do. So i was thinkining that 9:30 am my time will be perfect, now I'm pretty sure theres a time difference be like and hour so we'll have to be sure with that. right now its 10 00 am here.

and wow i just got the picture of tyler and lincoln, (I sent a picture in my email to him) wow there are so HANDSOME! girls, you better be writting them while they're out in the field cuz you don't want boys like that to forget about you.

well, i think thats just about it for this week, next week i should be back to the regular schedule of writing on tuesdays.

stay classy canada.
From Guatemala, with love,
Elder Hopkins
A chapel in Comalapa

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