Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Another great week, besides the sickness on the bus again and NOTHING to cook on!

Our Christmas tree

Dec. 4, 2012

Tanner didn't write this in his email today, however I found it in his emails to the office.. (Tanner allows me to go into his email to check that all emails get forwarded onto us that he intends to send because sometimes pictures get stuck in cyberspace and I have to resend them to myself)  So - They have had no microwave for a few weeks as it broke and now their stove is broken too.  There is nothing for them to cook on, he says if the office would send them something to cook on next week they will be heroes to Canadians forever!"  I guess he is learning to adapt and improvise!

Hey  fam, all is good here is Guatemala,

Awesome that dad went to kicking horse this weekend, that would have been fun, next year I'll be there too ha. So cool that a Guatemalan family moved into our ward, thats fantastic! I'll have a little piece of Guatemala with me when i get back haha. heres some Guatemala phrases to tell them. Que Chilero!, how cool. Que onda. ill leave you with just two to practice for now haha. Yes i have met Elder Falabela, he spoke to me in the ccm (mtc in Guatemala) and I think in the field as well. I was wondering where he went cuz hes not part of the central america area presidency anymore, but that cool that his niece is living in my ward now. ha.

Yeah I'll look for a Christmas nativity for you here, I know a booth that sells Christmas stuff, I talked to the guy and he told me that they sell Christmas stuff all year round, cuz I also wanted to get one for my family when I have a family, gotta think of the future ha. but yes, I'm planning on going to Antigua later this month for a district activity, where I'll get it for ya, and some other goodies. I wont send it through the mail though, I'll just keep it with me. I'll only have one more area in the mission so i will only have to pack up this one last time, and then one more when I leave for the great white north.

good to know that sam is now 23 and had a good birthday. I hope you saved me a slice of black forest cake. yuuuummmmm.

Tell Tyler Johnson that I love him and to fight till the end of his mission, there are good days, and there's bad days, its inevitable, but thats the mission life.

So this week we invited everybody to the Christmas devotional, we made invitations and everything, we had 6 investigators there, and one of our investigator's doubts was about prophets, but she said she felt so good listening to Thomas S Monson, and now she knows that he is a prophet. it was great. her name is "H.G."  , her and her 3 kids are going to be baptized,  i know it, but the kids are off visiting their other family for Christmas vacations, so we are going to baptize them in January.

Also, Barnie, from the coast, already received the melchezedek Priesthood, hes Pilas! He's changed so much and hes just progressing so fast, he says that hes going to go on a mission, i hope it happens,   but ya, anyways, him and his family are doing great.

so its not every monday that im going to be writing, but this next week, i don't know what day I'm going to write, because on Tuesday we have a Christmas activity, and we're going to the temple and stuff, so I doubt I'll be writing on tuesday, it will either be on monday or wednesday I'm thinking, just so ya know.

I sent some attached pictures of the invitations that we handed out, and another journal entry, and a great breakfast that I made, and   me and my christmas tree ha.

Journal Entry:
"Today I had another training meeting with President Brough.  But on the way, we were in a super crowded bus and the buses here drive like wildmen, so I started to feel sick and I started to throw up.  I had my sweater that I covered my mouth with and luckily I didn't eat breakfast, so there wasn't really anything to throw up, but we quickly got off the bus to rest for a few minutes.  Ay ay ay, the buses here are so rough!    I've gotten sick many times on the bus.  Who knows if I'm claustrophobic or if the many turns, stops, and starts make me feel sick.  It was a good meeting though"

also in january Todd Christofferson is coming to talk to us, awesome! i haven't seen an apostle since the mtc. it'll be awesome.

So thats all i got this week, have a great week,
From Guatemala, with love,
Elder Hopkins

A GREAT breakfast I made!

The invitations we created for the first Presidency Christmas devotional

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